Pinks All Out In Vegas Whos Going???

I am going with a friends Nova. Its flat black with candy orange stripes, look for it and come say whats up!
I'll be there. Probably detuned to around 10.40. Have you guys already signed up?? I think it's limited to 300 or maybe 400.
I signed up last week.
Took the car out to dial it in and couldn't get the boost over 15psi :mad:. At least I have a few weeks to sort it out.
T n T on Friday 7 Sep.
2 rounds of qualifying, followed by eliminations on Sat. 8 Sep.
you driving out Andrew?? damn, we should make this event a Meet due to the amount of people coming out :)
If I can get off work ill be there trying to shoot some video and pics. Look for the guy with a black hat with a turbo 6 emblem on it and initials A9795R on back of hat and you found me. Probably will just go to the actual race and not test and tune. If you guys want to see the town as well let me know we can make it a fun evening;)