Pistol Guys?

I have one of these...

Walther P99. I have enjoyed it!


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I carry Glocks on-duty, but as a CHL instructor I have had good success with the Taurus Millenium. We can get them in Texas for $299.00 at Academy Sporting Goods. 13 shoot 9mm; (also in .40 cal I think) shoots very nice, same size as a Baby Glock but about $200.00 cheaper. All Taurus pistols have lifetime warranties & I have always found them well made and reliable as well as a great value. It is one of the primary weapons I recommend due to quality and price. The Taurus 24/7 is pretty good value as well.
My $00.02
Get yourself a nice .410 Shotgun !! ;)

I know you said pistol - Taurus "Judge" :biggrin:
my newest car gun :eek:


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I had a glock 19c compensated with 15 rounds clips, best gun i ever shot, accurate as hell and very light, until someone broke into my apart and stoled it. :mad: , 1st gun depicted in picture, now thinking about buying a Beretta PX4 storm 17 round looks nice and it has good reviews, also a better weapon to conceal depicted in second picture.. :) should i go back to the glock or Buy the new beretta? what do you guys think!!


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I just finally got done cleaning my 1911 springfield! WoW!! I spent more time cleaning than shooting!

So far:

Ruger SR9= 400 out the door

Springfield 1911 A1 9mm= 950 out the door

Both have 1k rounds without failure

Ruger wins hands down tho!!!!

Check this gun out people.
Guys I got one more permit to use before it goes out. I want to buy another pistol before we can't buy them anymore. (PLEASE NO COMMENT ON THAT ISSUE HERE). Anyway I got several nice pistols already and I am looking something different. I don't want to list what I got;) I got basically every caliber already. Just looking something new and different maybe. Probably another semi auto... Any suggestions?

My favorite would have to be the FN FiveSeven. Budget can't handle that kind of an expense on a firearm though.
Wife about had a stroke when I spent $450 on my Golden Spike!
Dan Wesson...best value 1911 on the market. It out shoots my other high end 1911s all day long.

When Dan Wesson came out they were built tough enough that a M-60 tank would break a track going over it. Friend bought the .357 kit that came with iirc 4 interchangeable barrels in a very nice carrying case.