Powerlogger KR help


Boost...gotta get some!
Could I get some feedback on this PL file please. I did some driving around with it recording, this is a snapshot of one area I'm trying to figure out.



The knock retard doesn't surprise me. You stepped on the throttle in high gear at a relatively low speed. The fueling momentarily went lean, there was a lot of timing with the boost rising. I don't know what your setup is. What chip are you running? Injectors? turbo? Engine mods? A longer file would be nice to see how the fueling, timing, boost, and load are reacting. Hard to tell from a snap shot.
Here is the full file.

Budget 4.1 • ATR Billet Roller RP309G • 120lb injectors • DW300 Hotwired and Boosted Fuel Pump • Accufab FPR • Turbo Tweak E85 chip • 6262 .63 Turbo • 3" RJC DP • 3" Test Pipe • Dutt Neck Stock IC • RJC Power Plate • 1" Champion Spacer • 3" CAI • Extreme Automatics Stage 2 2004R • PTC 10" 2800 • Stock Rear end •


Dw300 enough pump? That's what I'm running with my TA33, but I plan to switch my setup a bit next year, I figured I'd need a bigger pump soon.
I think I am running the pump pretty hard through the stock lines. I did put in the upgraded wiring for the stock hanger.