Prayers for Chris Conley


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May 27, 2001
For those of you old timers who know Lawrence, Janice and Chris, Chris is in the hospital with some sort of kidney issue that they havent been able to get a handle on yet. I emailed LC this morning and he said Chris is doing better since yesterday but I wanted to let everyone know in case they wanted to send well wishes to the Conleys.
did it on facebook Janice has a little post there, good people the Conleys, please take a second and send them some support
Don't know him, but he sounds like a popular guy.............hang in there Chis and get well.

Bruce '87 Grand National
Well he is certainly in the right part of the country for top notch medical care. Houston has some of the best doctors in the world. Get well Chris!!!
I definitely am a "Buick old timer" but unfortunately have never met the Conleys but I've heard a lot about them throughout the years when they were racing their "Tweaked" teal turbo Buick. I think I even saw them once "in person" at Englishtown, NJ...

Anyways, Chris hang in there...Best wishes for a speedy recovery! ;)

Hope all is well.I bought some posters from Chris and he had his dad sign them for me.Sitting here looking at them now.Great guy and family,thoughts are with you

First year in BG when I was around 10 years old, got my picture taken in Tweaked and Tweaked 2. Basically one of the highlights of my youth. They were very nice people, get well soon!
If you can, please keep us updated as to how he is progressing.

Bruce '87 Grand National
Man I hope he gets better. I've met Lawrence and Janice on several occasions and Chris at least once...and yes...they are good people and I hope the best.
Chris , I miss dialed my phone yesterday and got your mom and she informed of your situation. GET WELL SOON!!
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