Prostars, Trunk lid, Ttops


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Jan 5, 2007
I have two 8" prostars with 4.5 backspacing and one 6" prostar for sale $300 plus shipping for the 3 wheels. Exellent condition.

Good trunk lid with the blackout trim. Very little surface rust. Extremely usable lid. $50.00 picked up

Set of Ttops in good condition. $50.00 picked up.

Would be interested in trading up or down for a good alky kit and scan master or ??
Thanks, Steve


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Yes I still have them and I want to sell them together. I have no lugs for them and only 2 caps but they don't say "weld". Located in Roan Mtn, TN. If your picking them up you can have the tires but shipping the tires with the wheels will be very expensive. Tires are OK but no where near new condition.
Thanks, Steve