Scanmaster 2.2 Problem


Apr 12, 2006
The upgraded SM has been working great for 6 months w powerlogger and the LC1 WBO2.

Now after a normal start-up and normal display for anywhere from 30 sec to 5 min, the SM dispaly shows :"" If the car is left running, the SM eventually seems to reboot itself but will only dispaly normally again for a short time before displaying 8's again.

If I try to cycle through the various dispalys using the button it seems to set the 8's almost immediately.

All connections to the SM have been tested.

On the PL Console all displays work fine and seem normal. Did I somehow manage to fry my SM?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like the update chip might be loose in its socket, or have a pin bent underneath.

Also check that the beige cable is properly inserted in the PL and analog block.

Its pretty tough to hurt the scanmaster or the chip, but if the chip is seated properly in the socket, and the cables are ok. Then you can send it in for repair.

There will be no charge for any required repair.

almost had it fixed..

Thanks Bob - If I need to send it in I will certainly take advantage of your amazing customer service.
Based on your advice, I thought I had it figured out by making sure the beige cable for the PL was seated correctly. The car ran for 30-40 min with the SM working perfectly -but then those crazy 8's showed up again - but this time it did not recycle until I shut the car off.

I will make sure the chip is OK this weekend and send the unit in if I cannot figure it out.

Thanks again.