Slimey Toyota Dealer - Need CARFAX


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May 29, 2001
Anyone mind pulling a one-time carfax on a vin? My in-laws bought what they thought was a good used car from the dealer. 3 weeks later they got a letter in the mail saying it was returned to the dealer under the lemon law. When they went back, the dealer says "I don't have to do a thing". Fact is, the dealership never revealed the history of the car, and they said they pulled a clean carfax before they sold it. The VIN search says there are 8 records found.

Thanks in advance


While I am unsure of the laws in VA here in NJ if a dealer sells a car that is a Factory Buy Back/Lemon Law they must make the consumer sign a form that says they are aware. Check the delivery paperwork they they received when purchasing the car.

You are correct. The document they received in the mail 3 weeks later is the signature form (acknowledging the car is a lemon) they were supposed to be presented at the time of sale. Needless to say, they are not signing it. How much leverage do you think they have to have the sale nullified?

I would say it should be nullified just from that. No signed paper should mean your in-laws do not have to keep that car. I can't see how they couldn't bring the car back right away. If they don't take it back sue them.
Just my opinion as all states have their own dealer/motor vehicle laws, but I would contact the state office that issues motor vehicle licenses to determine appropiate regulations, and go from there.

It should also be easy to contact Toyota USA corporate and inform them of the situation, and ask for their help for resolution.

Again, just an opinion, but the jerk at the dealership is probably some punk that thinks he can just bully customer's and "force" his opinion on them. Not that I have ever dealt with anyone like this!:biggrin:

Bet the dealership owner does not know about this situation?

I had to sue a dealer once, and they paid triple damages when they lost the case!:eek:

Good luck on whatever you do and hope all comes out well.