TPS settings with Scanmaster and DS


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May 24, 2001
I set my TPS today at .46 and the WOT volts went to 4.56. When i started the car and switched the scanmaster back to TPS it read .50 at idle. Why the change? I noticed this happening on buddies cars as well. Directscan also read higher with motor running than when set static.
Maybe because the car wasn't totally warmed up yet??
When you checked the voltage was it right when you started it, or a few minutes after?
The voltage with the engine running is normally two tenths higher than with the engine off.

Set the idle tps with the engine off at .40-.42 and leave yourself plenty of room.
Alternator voltage vs. battery voltage, the TPS is a ratiometric sensor.

Do what Steve tells ya. :)

My boss uses it all the time to describe our sensor design at work.

TPS is an example of one too. ;)