Update on WE4 Bruce Toelle PTS Xtreme

Hey you old fart

Happy fathers day!
was thinking of you and realized your a father as well as a 'Mother" ha ha ha

you should be as good as new by now, I'm sure your gonna still complain your not quite good as new, LOL
I'm headed to bed now ,
hope your doing alot better,
email me to let me know if your doing any good, I'm collecting SSI now so am poor as an illegal alien,

I'd visit but gas has to come down some yet, heck it cost $90 to fill up my truck!
be good old friend, take care and say your prayers,
I will visit this year!!!!!!!!!!
Well update, Now it is Dad's turn. Read here.... http://www.turbobuick.com/forums/tu...lle-sr-has-open-heart-surgery-12-28-11-a.html

My life just seems to get better and better.... Sarcastic of course..... I got a job on Nov 20 2011 working 40 hrs a week so I could catch up on bills for awhile.(Still working in shop and on farm on the weekends when I am not wore out) Luckily I have a great and understanding boss who knows my Dad as well and TOLD me to go and be there for him and my mother and he would cover me for as long as it took. He has been calling every night to get updates on Dad as well. I got lucky in that aspect for sure, so you all know why I have been MIA as of late. I am still not used to and stamina has been challenging to 8-12 hour work days and it has been tough and tiring I will admit. I am still doing some things and one of them is getting the Pans back up and in production as I have had numerous calls and demands for them. I see them being ready in Feb. with all that has taken place as you all can see. HOPEFULLY 2012 will be better than 2011 for my family and I. Thanks for the concern and listening to me babble.
I'm glad to see you on again Bruce. Since your pans are in demand you might want to think about an auction/donation thing like we did at the end of last year for Scott Atk after his wreck. Might be albe to raise a little for a worthy cause.:)
Wow, I hope your dad is doing OK, I met him at Daytona a few years back, great guy, best of luck to you both !
Wow, I hope your dad is doing OK, I met him at Daytona a few years back, great guy, best of luck to you both !

I am up here in Dad's room in CSICU and showed him your post. He remembers you (which right now is amazing) and got his laugh for the day. Thanks man, he really needed it.
Looks like I will stay down here with him to watch the NFL football games tommorrow and then I have to go home to replentish my clothes and drugs and see my girls and dog Louie. Louie got his nads cut this week and I wasn't there to comfort him (LOL) so I am sure he is pissed at me for letting the wife neuter him LOLLOLOL. (She is a Vet BTW, she didn't just hack him in the kitchen or anything, LOL) I really didn't see the pnumonia thing coming so I wasn't prepared for 2 weeks here. I will go home and work for a week then return next weekend providing nothing else goes array and he is still PROgressing and not REgressing. I have been staying up here with him and watching the NBA games every night till he falls asleep for the night then I go home to their house to get some sleep. Hard to sleep in a chair in ICU I will tell ya. Well not hard to sleep but getting up sure sucks!. Did that the first night and couldn't move the next morning. Anyway, thanks for all the emails and prayers. All are heard.

BTW... I am on Skype now with all the time I have had and been Skyping people so Dad can talk to them. I am amazed they let me Skype from in here but the nurses say "Have at it" so I am bruce.toelle on Skype.
Well a chuckle is a good thing, did not remember being that goofy <grin> you both must be whipped, sorry about your pup, he will give you dirty looks for a while !
Keep the chin up, stiff upper lip and all that trap !

Prayers are with you both, tell dad they were practicing at 206/204 today ! Bigger restrictor plates and EFI, Go Chevrolet !!!!
I've been away from the site since '09...Holy crap things have changed! And now I see why you seemed to have vanished, Bruce. Best wishes for the new year!
BTW, I left a voice message (before seeing this thread) for you today regarding a converter in need of clean up. Its an old one of yours, "ACCARDI 12/30/02 4865," the OD hub splines spun so I guess the converter needs to be opened up and cleaned/replace anything questionable. So if not you, who do you approve of to get that done by April or May?
I have no concept of the back-log you must be experiencing and I completely understand if my converter is at the bottom of that list, no BS. Its a real bitch that one jack hole can have such a profound legacy of destruction upon the willing and able.

Thanks and God Bless