uppipe wrapping


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i plan on wrapping my new uppipe ive never done it and imagine its not hard at all id like to see how some of u have wrapped them and secured the ends of the wrap maybe u guys have pictures handy also whats a good wrap to use for this application ? i know someone sold a jays uppipe almost a year ago in the parts for sale, nicely wrapped in black (beat me to the deal) & there was pictures of it too i just cant find it ...anyhow pictures of urs and tips are much appreciated
What up-pipe do you have? why are you going to wrap it?

i had one wraped years ago. Bought heat wrap from summit and they have the ties you need as well. '

Now i just jethot the pipe and call it good.
I believe it's a jays uppipe it's stainless steel I want to wrap it simply because I don't like the welds I thought about jet hot coating it as well but the welds will still show I'm just not a big fan of mig welds like that so was thinking bout wrapping it it would give it that performance look as well as keep temps in somewat I seen how Jamie has hers wrapped in her pics in that one thread looks sweet
you could fgrind the welds down and polish it up.
i used some DEI exhaust wrap that i bought at Advance auto. i was too cheap to buy the straps to secure it, so i just made some ties out of some wire that i twisted with a pliers and it held up all summer long without loosening up.