Walbro dead or what!?!


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Mar 5, 2007
So I went out to move the car tonight and after having it sit for a couple months without starting. I got into the car to crank it and no fuel pressure. Do not hear pump, checked fuses in box and hot wire connections. The pump is the 340 and has less than 10,000 miles on it. I have seen a lot of talk about the crappy pumps, but of course I wasn't expecting it. The bad news... besides trying to replace the entire a/c system is that the tank is FULL! Anything else I should check? and if not, what pump should I buy?
Does the eng. turn over? If so, from what are you getting the fuel pressure reading? If the fuel rail gauge, it may have failed as they are known to do when kept on the fuel rail due to vibration. Most guys will attach it w/a braided line to the fender for longer life. Must have oil pressure for the pump to start up also.
And don't forget the fuseable links at the starter.

Try jumping the FP test wire behind the alternator (if you still have it). If you can get to the tank connector, check volts there too...
We just went through the same problem earlier this month with another member . I don't know how to link the thread but it was called "Stranded, Fuel pump is not running" started on Dec 9th. We detailed everything you should need to troubleshoot your problem. BTW, his problem wasn't the pump after all !! :D Good luck . Sam
PS, read the whole thread !!
Bought it probably in 06. I think it came from Racetronix, but it wasn't a flaw wIth the wiring. It was my fault.