water damage


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Jul 17, 2005
came home from xmas vacation with about 2 inches of standing water and water still pouring from ceiling from a broken pipe. anyone got any advice or experience with water damage claims i'm new to this. already had plumber come out and identify/repair broken pipe now restoration people are in the process of removing everything that got wet including carpet drywall and tile in kitchen. i been snapping pics of everything and state farm has been pretty good so far, any advice would be appreciated.
As long as your power wasnt turned off and furnace was working State farm should take care of it. Here is where it gets goofy.Do you have flood insurance? Sounds stupid but My sump pump took a crap when I was out of town.When I got home I had 2 inches of clean rain water in my basement.I have flood insurance but I didnt have contents coverage:mad: They never even told me that it was available for 100 a year .This was with Farmers. I now have State Farm Check and make sure they have contents coverage if not they will give you 2500 which is the cap for water damage.
Just make sure that you mention that you had someone coming by to check on the place every other day too. Some ins co.'s will not honor a water damage claim if you are away for periods of time and there is no one checking on the house, and a pipe should burst.
Wow knock on wood i left for work one morning and 2 hrs later wife calls water is dripping from ceiling and a peice of drywall fell. I came immediately home lucky for me. Good luck
What I do for a living, own a Fire/Flood emerg biz.

Everything u described was the right thing to do, take a bunch of pictures and let the resto company do the rest...they will probably have a few commercial Dehu's and a bunch of axial fans blowing for around (3) days and all will be dry then apply an Anti-Microbial spray to inhibit any mold growth. I deal w/ State Farm on a daily basis...you shouldn't have any problems at all...their a stand-up company. I would advise anyone who has a water loss to allow a professional to structurally dry it in a correct fashion to avoid any future mold growth, their's a lot more to it then most would imagine :)

Also, your normal ho policy covers this loss...a 'flood' loss is from ground/tidal water entering the home which only a flood policy covers...broken pipe is normal HO coverage.
thanks for the tips guys, yea state farms been pretty good and yes firechaser the the resto company has the dehumidifiers and fans out already they got to work pretty fast gave me msds's for the chemicals they used drew a floor plan of the house with area's of damage highlighted and gave me copies of everything they documented and their pictures also. they also told me some people want to save the old carpet but the cut it up in small chunks so it has to be replaced. gonna go check on progress later today when i go by to feed my dogs. the plumbing repair was pretty fast so i hopefully an adjuster can come by tomorrow and we can talk about getting contractors out for remaining repairs.
i did have a neighbor watching the house, she checked on it every couple days so rater ran for 2 days at the most. what was funny when we got home i went got the family checked into a hotel after shut off water talked to insurance company, the got resto people on the line they came out immoderately so i drove back home and when i got there the resto people were being question by me neighbor packing a Remington shotgun (she's 75) she didnt know we were back and thought the were crooks, gotta love the neighborhood watch.