What combo made your car the most fun to drive overall


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Apr 7, 2009
I will start with my fav this would be 93/94 the car had a ta61 turbo a 3" downpipe made by me as they were not on the market yet, ported iron heads and stock converter the gsca 200-200 cam 36#blue top injector I would drive to the track change gas out put cam2 into race also put the slicks on it for the nite. leave the track and go to work then stop at the grocery store on the way home for supplies for the week. I was working 3rd shift at the time. The car drove great ran great at the track low 11's it was truly fun and impressive the car got a lot of respect This was big time fun for me I wanna get that back lets hear your stories and combo's that worked well:)
Small turbo, 2600 stall, alky 24 psi, FMIC, air and exh, MTDR 26" and of course basic bolt ons. Surprised a whole lotta people with that setup street raced the crap outta it.
Stock motor, triple muffler exhaust (dead quiet), 5831 turbo, alchy injection and 30psi of boost.

Mid 90's stock unopened engine except for springs. Stock turbo, alky injection, KB high lo chip, fuel pump, cut out, 36lb/hr injectors, drag radials, and a few other small things. Volt meter tapped into o2 circuit for tuning. I had the wastegate wired closed. It would make 25psi in decent air. I spanked more cars with this setup in the 2.5 years I had the car till it was stolen then all the cars I raced from the time I got my second one till now. Hundreds of mustangs, 3rd and 4th gen f bodies, corvettes, 60's-70's big block muscle cars, and other turbo regals with way more cool guy stuff. A few imports also but the import craze hadnt really exploded at that point yet. I didn't have any extra $$$ for serious mods so I worked with what I had. Spanking TR's with larger turbos and front mounts was probably the most fun. The car left hard on the street and surprised a lot of people for it's stock stuff. It was under 3500lbs 10 gallons of gas in it. I weighed about 150lbs at the time. At one point it weighed 3260lbs when a friend let me use his McCreary tires and drag lites. A lot of fun. That car would spank most of the unopened engine cars that are on this site today regardless of what turbo they ran. It was probably good for 11.80's when it was stolen. A year earlier at about 3500lbs race weight it went 12.40@107 with boost in the 23-24psi range and 1.8 sixty foot. It still had a stock dp and elbow on it. I was told by someone it would never make a 12 sec pass and that it was impossible because his buddy had way more work done and his car barely broke into the 12's. Guess he was wrong.
TE44 @ 23-25psi, 2800 converter, 50lb injectors, Alky, 3" DP, Fmic, Bob bailey chip, translator plus, DSE suspension, BAER brakes = A complete Blast to drive on the street, still cuts 1:80 60 foot times with toyo street tires, and has killed MANY a high dollar corvette, camaro, on the Auto-X.... Beat a 2010 Mustang GT500 at the first TB.com nats at Piedmont too!
Te-45(63mm) Turbo
Dutt Neck intercooler
Clean up ported heads
210/210 hydraulic roller
3400 stall cheap converter
55lb injectors
Turbo Tweak chip
Razors Alky and pump gas
Scanmaster for tuning
11.40x@117mph 24-25 psi
I didn't know too much then so I was doing well for what I had. All used parts. Take off stuff from the local GN shop. Almost a decade ago LOL. Beat the crap out of it and never popped a headgasket. 15 psi on 93.
Drove it as my daily too. Prior to 2005 I used race fuel and street tires. Then I got the Dr's and alky. I remember tuning the alky on my way to night school.
Stock unopened on E85 with 60's, TT chip, stock turbo & converter. It's a blast. Can't wait to get it back up & running again - so many V8's, so little time!
If you're going with something simple, cost-effective, and set-up mostly for street with occasional track days, here is what I would recommend, starting with a bone-stock car:

Engine: keep it stock, don't even pull the heads, keep the factory original head gaskets on it, keep the stock cam and valvetrain in it. Two exceptions: install new valve springs, and install a new timing chain.
Turbo: TA-49, TE-44, or 5857 (TA-49/TE-44 is more cost effective). Honestly, keeping the stock turbo and turning up the boost will be fine on the street.
Injectors: Might as well go right to 60's or similar, since they really don't cost much more than blue-tops, etc.
Air Intake: Any cold-air kit and/or hard MAF pipe with K&N.
Intercooler: A stock I/C with a Dutt neck is fine. If you want to spend more money, there are many SLIC's and FMIC's to choose from.
Fuel Pump: Hot-wired Walbro 340 or similar, lots of options here, also an adjustable regulator.
Exhaust: There are many upgrades to the stock exhaust - pick one that you like. I would suggest spending money on a test pipe and free-flowing cat-back first, then spend money on an improved downpipe later.
Tranny: a good-ole orange stripe converter or similar along with a moderately upgraded transmission. Unfortunately, leaving this stock just won't work for any length of time.
Alky: if you stick with 93-octane on the above combo, your car will run easy twelves. Add alky, and your car will run high-11's, but you will run a higher risk of breaking stuff.
Chip: Turbotweak or Extender chip (if you want to invest in a MAF translator, which will improve drivability) to match the above.
Tires: Drag radials - regular-size street tires on this combo will get blown away every time the turbo spools up.

The above, proven combo is very fun on the street and can easily click-off 11's at the strip (with race gas or good alky). There is a low risk of breaking stuff unless you do something stupid (like run out of alky). I essentially have had the above combo since about 2003, and I love it. No, you won't have the fastest car in your state, but you will have a fun, fast, relatively reliable, and relatively inexpensive car. With 100-octane unleaded and slicks, I've run mid-11's at the track (see my sig). On the street with 93-octane, I get very quick spool with minimal effort. For "fun" factor, you can't beat it, IMHO.
I would have to say I have been enjoying my car the past month more than I ever have and that is solely due to the converter I just installed a few months back. I can get in the car and drive anywhere I want it gets great mileage and is dependable and I beat on it every time I drive it:D I have to say it has taken time to get it where it is with the ever so know gremlins hiding and previously mismatched parts.

The car is a blast to drive I keep the boost low and that keeps me from working on it more o_O 16psi is all I run for now and the drag radials wont hold so its lots of fun the car runs 12.3-12.0 at this boost level depending on the timing and I just mix 93 and E-85 so its simple. As soon as I hook up the alky I will probably run 19-20psi Either way I love just jumping in the car and going and not having to worry about anything really.

Combo is simple and nothing special....

Stock heads&intake champion ported
210/215 roller
Stock location 1 1/2 IC
3"dp & ATR headers full exhaust
55# injectors double pumper
3200 Stall PTC

The car has done a best of 11.5 on 19psi with my crappy old converter that would not stall I expect to see a bit better with this new converter......
The combo which was the most fun/headache free for me was:

-Stock 40k bottom end with a comp roller 212-212
-Champion GN1 heads un-ported with scorpion rockers
-Ported stock upper and lower intake with stock throttle body
-66mm P-trim Turbonetics ball bearing turbo
-Gen 2 translator with Wideband tracking and Extender chip
-50# MSD inj
-Alky Control single nozzle
-TCS 3400 lockup stall converter
-Cottons front mount
-Len freeman 200r4

This combo went 10.8s@ 124-25mph on 20-21# boost without locking the converter on pump gas/alky. I used to race Friday night street legals in the Summer then drive 5-6 hours straight through the night to go camping for the weekend. It ran perfectly and I could drive around on street with my foot to the floor and not worry about breaking things.....the good old days.

This was my wife's dream car. We had a mild 5.0 that was a blast. 10 years ago, we got next to a GN and were smoked before I could get it into 2nd...lol. I bought one for her and went to Street Performance, which was down the street. Gary advised me to put on a TE-44, 36# Blue Tops, 9" Vigilante L/U, a hot-wire Walbro 307, and a Joe Lubrant 100 octane chip. 100 octane was close by us at the time. Everything else was stock. Man this car pulled like a freight train! That summer we did a lot of street racing! Best was spanking all those modified Mustangs and Vette's! Man, some of those guys got peed-off!
Combo from mid 90's to 2003 - Stock motor, ATR headers, 3" ATR downpipe, external wastegate, ATR 3" single shot, TE44, 009's, Reds chips, Eastern Performance front mount, hot wired Walbro 307, AC 9" 3000 stall non-lockup convertor, 90/10 front shocks, various aftermark rear control arms with drop bracket.
Zero spool time, pulled like a freight train, killed plenty of Mustangs and old school Muscle cars, all while being a daily driver. Extremely fun to drive, rarely had issues and only popped 1 head gasket during that time.