What's a 1984 wh1 body worth?


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Feb 16, 2012
Ad says it is factory digital dash. 4.10 gears, b&m shifter, tach, and holley blue pump. No engine or tranny. Body looks straight except needing front and rear fillers. Has some new wheels on it. He is asking $2200. What do you guys think it is worth?
first off confirm the 8.5 rear is still in it. look for rot in the rear frame rails and bottoms of doors and floors.

not really a desireable year in the whole scheme of things. good car maybe to do a ls engine conversion on.

roof style? hard top? t top? astroroof
It is a hardtop car. Maybe easier for me to buy a complete intercooled car. Thanks for the reply.
If your passing on the wh-1 let some one else know so they can do something with it. I have an 84 wh-1 I picked up that had a small block in & beat up. Cool thing was though it had the liers in the car in 84 not just the regular t-type interior. Some of us like wh-1 's;)
Well if it has the infamous Holley Blue pump and a "B&M" shifter is sounds like it was converted to a V8 car. To make it back to a Turbo car will take a wiring harness, engine and transmission mounts, and exhaust mods. So I would offer $1000 if the floors are not rotted.