Where'd all the W body message boards go??


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Dec 31, 2005
I am wanting to sell my old 98 Regal GS's parts I had laying around in the basement and it appears as if the 2nd gen supercharged w body scene VANISHED. Can I still sell these parts or do I have to throw them in the garbage??
3800pro has been around since 2004 (product of the original ClubGP schism during the 3800 vendor/forum dramas), and still going at a mild pace. GrandPrixForums is still trickling along, along with various other break-off forums for various sub-sects of 3800/Wbody/etc. cars (Impala, Monte, Bonneville, Fiero, 60degv6, various fbody...)

FB probably has the largest 3800 marketplace visibility, for best chance of selling things classified-style.