who make piston for tta !

je and i think ross are the only ones, my engine is at the machine shop now and they are a je dealer, so he got me some je .020 over pistons
you may want to ask one of the Buick motor gurus. Like DLS, Weber racing, Bill Anderson. I think they are all on the home page.
from another member
Sorry no part numbers but just so you know both JE and Ross make custom pistons for our TTA's (I got Ross pistons in mine).
I got Ross pistons in mine but I know they were custom made and have a job number engraved in them .... I can look it up if you need it.
thanks guys i send a mp here for a use one ! i wait for news ! if i can find standart one i buy a set from je .....there was custom made for tta ! no parts number i call je this morning ! thanks
Just use a GN Piston. It give you more compression. If you have a bigger cam and/or alcohol injection the car runs better and gets better gas mileage.
thanks guys i just find a guys here they sold me 5 good one ! i just rebilt the engine now !:biggrin: hope i can run them next we:D ek
yeah i use 3 of them thay was exacly the same size of mines ! the 2 other are a little bit to small ! so i have everything here ready to rebilt the entire engine :) thanks agan it was a pleasure to deal whit you :)