who s the best on the brf trannies ?


May 29, 2001
got my tranny here on a pallet ready to be shipped out. whos the best now days to do thease trannies? iv had 5 or 6 br f s done from a guy in knox but lost contac with him. car has billet caps, steel crank, gn1 aluminum heads intake, 60 inj, t63e turbo, front mount, and the list goes on and on lol. was going to do a 400 turbo but hate to lose the overdrive, and mess up a 30k car, that iv already did with all the parts lol. anyhow who s the best now days? need to get this thing back together thanks alot steve
Not sure if he's the best, but I sent my tranny to Brian Hofer. There is a lot of post in here about Brian and I guaranty you will not find a negotive comment about him. To bad I can not tell you how my build is going because I'm still waiting to receive my tranny back from him. But I'll post once I'm rolling again. "CAN'T WAIT"

Good luck and do a search, Brian Hofer
Vince Janis is very good also. Do a search for Vince or Brian and you will get lots of excellent feedback.
I use a Hofer unit. Puttin good hp through it for two years with several Tbrake launches. Still going like the day I put it in. \

Brian Hofer - "Need a Hi Perf trans? Email me... hipsibri@cs.com"
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Extreme Automatics in Ohio did mine and I'm Extremely happy. Call Lonnie he is the best around.

turbo tom
Extreme Automatics - Lonnie Diers (937)379-2233- You will not be sorry. He has the best customer service.
Me, Lonnie, Jimmy, Russ, CK, etc... Just make sure you use someone that knows these transmissions.
Jimmy's transmission builds one hell of tranny,i will seeing him tomarrow for my convertor problem
If you call and talk to Brian, you will buy from Brian. He is the man for a tuff tranny without the filling rattiling shifts. I love mine and would never let anyone else touch it. additionally I understand he is teamed up with someone and is turning out torque conv. too.
My vote goes for Brian Hofer and his service is great. Love the trans and the amazing shifts.
Len Freeman (user name LVGN on this forum) at Performance Transmission of Las Vegas


Bruce @ PTSextreme.com
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