would 60lb injectors be overkill for my combo?


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Nov 21, 2011
I'm asking because I'm thinking about upgrading to the turbo tweak 6.1 chip when I get a wideband a that chip requires 60 lbs injectors. I know my 42lb injectors are big enough for mid 11's which is my ultimate goal. So is there any downside to upgrading to the 60lb injectors? Fuel mileage? I always read everyone recommends using them as the last injector upgrade you'll have to make :).
I would go with something larger, gives you room for upgrades and wont hurt your mileage by going bigger under normal driving.

Last I checked turbotweak has the 80# injectors and chip at the same price as the 60#. I wish I had gone for the 80# for the additional head room and to be able to experiment with e-85. My 02¢.
i have 80's in mine with a racetronix dbl pump,it runs and drives great and idles very good
60s were the norm, but I think now that 80's are available on a non-modded ecm, that's the way to go. As mentioned, 80s are nice if you want to experiment with E85.
for your goal of mid 11's the 42 and alky are fine.unless you plan on going much faster later no need for a bigger injector.
Gas mileage won't be affected unless you get on it. I would get the 60s if I were you. I have 42.5s and my goal is mid/low 11s too. At that point they will be maxed out
I was low-mid 11's on 60's with 70-75% duty cycle. It's better than runnin 42's close to max IMO.