1987 Nash sittin on 19s

True, True

Royal-T-Ltd said:
Not if they are done correctly [ with the right offsets/backspacing ]
I just havent seen any that I like personally, they look like trucks. But, as stated before alot of builders / fabricators are putting 20's on cars and they look good, but as you said with the right offsets and backspacing like a 8.5 front and 9.5 in the back it looks real good.
87nasher said:
heres my new GN.. lemme know what u guys think.

check out this link to see a few pics of my last mods.

I absolutely adore your GN, looks sweet as!

Can you please advise on the width and backspacing of the rear wheel, plus tire size, as I'm planning to run 18*8 on the rear of my 79 Cutlass, with airbags, and am looking for advise on getting them to tuck into the arch when the rear is dropped. At the moment all signs points to a backspace of 4.5", with 255 tires, but looking at yours, the stance is just right, so if you agree or give other information, it would be really appreciated!
You got to remember you have alot of old fashioned guys on here too..they like the old 15 inch wheels which is kinda like a 350 chevy..the 15inch combo has alot more options for race slicks & stuff & I understand that but I always like the big wheel look..I think 18s would be better overall look but the 19s fit is awesome.hard to believe you got them under there..now I dont like the 22-24 like a 4x4 look on the Gbody..that is ghetto..I wont ever have any of the weld wheels on my car as they remind me of the old 5 hole enkies that were popular back in the 80s..yes the weld wheels were out back then too..tuff looking car man !!!!
Don't go too big on the wheel with the GN, I hate the 4x4 look.

I don't know how you guys fit these big wheels under your wheel wells? I have 17x7 up front (17x8 would rub) and 17x8 in the back and it is real close. I am on a Hotchkis suspension, but that isn't as low as some of you guys.

Royal-T-Ltd said:
No Sh!t - about the buttons - I had 17x8.5 Niche Throttles with The Allen Head "Buttons" on Them - they looked fine, where one-piece AND Chrome -BEEN THERE DONE THAT - and like I said - Anybody can get Chrome Irocs the cost is reasonable and they dont have to assemble anything. 3-piece wheels are built to spec and usually take weeks or months to get. Like i said - MY OPINION - you cant beat color matched centers on a BLACK Car - MY OPINION - that's why I chose to put 3piece wheels with Gold centers on my car because I like'em - i dont care if anyone else on this entire board likes'em I do - here a pic of the old one piece and new 3 piece. Sorry to hi jack thread either way your car looks awesome - except the steering wheel ;) - and your ASANTIs are tiiight.

Looks like the dope game is treating you well Pablo :cool:
broke1 said:
Looks like the dope game is treating you well Pablo :cool:
hahahha..... i probably WORK harder then you and you are the one with the NEW Benz, 2 turbo buicks, 2000 TURBO Diesel Pickup and whatever else. ;).... So whatever - leave your stereotype's in your doublewide :cool:
ChanceG said:
Looks very good to me!!! The only thing I would have to change would be how low the front goes, and I would not bagg the car. But very nice.
Ditto!! Nice car! They said it was ghetto when people first put 20" wheels on SUV's, now its a dealer option that people love. TV's too, 2007 GM large SUV's can be equip. with up front dvd and navi. Now luxury cars are coming with 18",19"and some 20" wheels.
Nice car! I like the low look........It dont matter what people think as long as you like it......I have some 20" TT II on the way and ima try to tuck them under the car....They should be in a couple of weeks...i will post a pic! And u can always take them off for racing just a few bolts....