275X DR Buick GN sb2.2 geardriven procharger

Fat Nat

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May 25, 2001
Heres a peek at what my turd has turned in to went from an apa stage II v6 to this. Hope to have it together complete within the next couple of months lotta work to do.


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Thanks for the update Jeff.
That car is not cookie cutter in any way shape or form.
How fast is that class now?
Wow.That exhaust sticking out of the fenders is gonna be bad ass.
Thanks guys yeah the exhaust is going to be sick thanks to Lawson Racecraft.
John the class is now real fast most of the cars run in the teens to 0s and theres a handful just in my neck of the woods that have been in the 4.90 range on a consistant basis.
There are some serious cars coming out next year with Tony Parsons mustang Mike Butrims mustang Paul Burtules mustang and of coarse Chris Evans mustang who pretty much dominated the class. Hope to get out there and mix it up with these guys a bit and try to break up this trend of fast fords.;) Cool part is we all live about an hour away from each other and were all good friend so it will be fun to say the least.
Nice Build...The sb2 looks right at home in the GN. Love the Geardrive and the Exhaust. Nothing sounds better than a Geardriven car in the water box. Should be interesting to see how fast this thing goes. Patrick Barnhill went 7.70's with his Geardriven sb2 combination with a blow-thru set-up...

Good Luck running with the boys in the 275 class. That class has really taken off over the last couple years...

Looks like you'll be right in the mix...

"Chris is a Force to be Reckoned with"

Heres a couple more pics Ill shoot some of what it looks like now been hard on the wiring and interior. Kinda cool the engine sits low in the car so no need for a 10" redneck regal cowl hood. Hate them things neat to have a stock hood on it. Still looks like a twin turbo car with the exhaust coming out of the front fenders. It should be pretty ignorant sounding. I hope!!


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Looks great Jeff. Geardrives are definitely cool - especially now that everyone is on the turbo bandwagon.

I really dig the exhaust thru the fenders. Thought about doing that on my new project but decided against it for "street" reasons.
Heres the engine almost finished. Cant Thank Brian Roche BRRE enough for the help with this thing its been the craziest thing Ive done yet with all the fab to make it work. Got to thank everyone else at the shop also for letting me come up and work on it. Hope to have it in and running in a month. still have a long way to go.


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Heres what it looks like mocked up. If i can make the car look as good as the golf cart I just built to pull it Ill be in good shape:) My buddy Dale Dardin Service 1st collision repair pimped this biotch out for me to match the car.


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