Anyone know Joe Cipolla?


Joe 1320

This turd ripped me off! No parts, no refund, all excuses. Do not do business with this guy. Here is his info: Joe Cipolla ,2827 N. Harlem Ave. Chicago IL, 60707
I feel your pain! The SOB got me too! I've got some friends in Chicago that I'm
going to be sending his way.;)
I FOUND THE SOB! I got this of an internet search and bingo! Got the grandparents and brother! If he took your dough, call here:

Cipolla, Costantino

2827 Harlem

His brother is supposedly a member of law enforcement and they should be able to help. CALL! :D :D :D :D :D
I live about thrree blocks from him. If I am not mistaken he is about 17 years old. Right now his car is sitting in his driveway with the tail lights removed.
Amazing, it takes a call to his relatives and now all of a sudden he is posting a response on trader ads. He says that my refund is on the way via certified mail. :rolleyes: Right....... just like all the other times where he said something was on the way. I've been dealing with this little @#$ for a month and a half. I also found out that he sold the same parts to more than one person.:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: This little $#!t needs to be straightened out. I even sent an e-mail to to get him banned, but no response.
Hey, Joe.
What was he trying to sell you? I supposedly bought a really nice header panel
from him. I've been too busy to check the board lately. Looks like you've done
some kickass detective work, Thanks! He definitely has my money, so I'll call the
ph# you provided, tommarrow.

Thanks again,

This jerk sold the same set of Kenne Bell polished valve covers to me and someone else at the same time. :mad: We found out after the first time I posted on the other board about not buying parts from him. I get an e-mail stating he bought the same covers and we compared notes. That is when I started the detective work. Us old farts are a little tougher to hide from. ;)
I've done business with this guy many times over the last year or so. Never a problem here. I know several others that have done business with him also, and never a problem. Looks like your problem is indeed an isolated incident.

Joe Harrington
Originally posted by GNX Guy
I've done business with this guy many times over the last year or so. Never a problem here. I know several others that have done business with him also, and never a problem. Looks like your problem is indeed an isolated incident.

Well, in this episode there are 3 other people involved with this which totals 4 that I know of. The 5th person did get his parts which were the ones that he sold to me first. Neither other 3 people nor I have gotten satisfaction yet and I've been dealing with his turd since Sept 1. Supposedly a Money order has been sent, but I'll believe it when I see it. I had to roust the other family members. This sounds like a 17 year old kid who thought he could pull a fast one.
Joe H, I know of at least three or four other occasions in the past year that he has done this. Why you ask, because people have emailed me asking if I know him, or his phone number or exactly where he lives etc. because as it states in my profile I live in Chicago. So this is definatly not the first time, nor is it an isolated incident.
WHAT, Please fill me in on this. I'd like to know all the details, I won't have my name thrown around in this kind of mess.

I was not aware of the use of my name as a reference.

Originally posted by Dave Levey
Joe(gnx guy),

You should know that when he screwed me he dropped your name as a reference.

Dave Levey
In case there was any misconception in my post let me first clarify Joe Harrington has nothing to do with Joe Cipolla that I know of.

Joe Cippola lured me out to Chicago with total lies about a car he was selling and one of the conversations we had was about his dealings with Joe Harrington which made me feel like I was dealing with someone reputable(shame on me). After I informed him in a polite way he lied to me and I was not going to take the car he left me stranded and refused to even give me a ride back to the airport.In all it cost me about 250.00 out of pocket plus a burned vacation day at work.After getting home I contacted good ole Joe and he offered me 125.00 to mike thing right and felt that was ok as it was better then nothing,guess what seven months later and still no dough and he ignores my e mails. Now seeing how he has carried on with his lying and deceipt I feel bad I did not out him then.

I'm sorry that this guy used my name to try to gain credibility.
That was NOT Cool.

Now I'm a little bit pissed.

Originally posted by GNX Guy

Now I'm a little bit pissed.

Welcome to the club. I am not going to let this drop, I will persue this until I see satisfaction. :mad:
I've talked to him a couple times. He told me that he was 17 and had 3 GN's. I figured BS, but hey, some people have money around here. He told me about this rust free GN that was in great condition at a dealership about 1 1/2 hours away from here. I made the trip up and found that it was a limited cloned to look like a GN (even had the GN interior), but no WE2 on the option list. Not only that, but this "ruust free" car had tennis ball sized rust bubbles all over the doors and lower quarters. Needless to say I was pissed.