Anyone know Joe Cipolla?

The war has begun....... The pressure from every direction decends at once...........

"all the world's a stage, it's people merely players, performers and portrayers. Each another's audience......."


"The problem with that is some are a tough audience."

Joe 1320:cool:
Joe B, don't you give in! I admire your persistence and am sending you my good vibes. I had this same thing happen with another punk a few months ago. I harrassed him incessently and posted negative feedback everywhere. He finally owned up and made things right, but only because he knew I would get him one way or the other.

What parts do you need? If I have any that will help, I will cut you a sweet deal. Let me know.

Well thanks for calling me Joey Cipolla..... To reiterate our conversation, nothing you have ever said turned out to be true, so I don't believe you when you say that you sent a money order before. You know that you never sent it. As far as you saying that you are sorry and that a Money Order will be going out on Monday can be summed up in the following statement:


I seriously suggest that you hold yourself accountable for the statement you made saying that you would be a man and own up to it, as well as sending the Money Order out on Monday. I had already released the dogs of war prior to our conversation and I will not call them off until I have the money. The quicker you send the funds the sooner the tightening noose releases. If not, it will only get tighter and tighter.......

If you think the first wave was an eye opener, wait till the second one hits.............:eek:
Re: sucks...

Originally posted by Feel the Boost
If I didn't have a conscience I'd probably be pulling stunts like that too. The sad thing is that #$$holes like that usually get away with it.

On a non-related note, c&cgn how's it going? I'm from North Van and my dad and I are currently restoring our 87GN. Are there any local vendors you would suggest?

Send me an email and I can help you out. We have a local club and we can tell you where to get the best deals etc.
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Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2001 8:11 PM
Subject: MO on the way

Hey Joe,
Joe Cipolla here, just wanted to get back to you to let you know that i am going to get you your money by tuesday. TOmorrow, Monday, I have a very busy schedule, but will get it out to you. I'll run to the post office between 230 and 330 tomorrow afternoon, then when i get to a computer tomorrow night, around 530 to 7pm, i'll e mail you that tracking number that i get from the post office. So i guarantee you'll see it by tuesday. Thanks alot


Like I said before little Joey, SHOW ME THE MONEY! Nice new e-mail address:D Getting alot of unwanted mail? :eek:

The war continues......
I hate dishonest people. He has sure screwed alot of people I have noticed. I will never purchase anything from that guy. Thank you for the post.
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Sent: Monday, October 29, 2001 7:04 PM
Subject: Re: MO on the way

Can you verify shipping address? I don't have it on me. Please get it to me ASAP, so i can get it to you overnight UPS before they close.


Yeah....... After 7PM they are already closed. After all the times that my address was sent in an e-mail, it was on the money order, and if you had sent anything to me before like you said, you would have my address. Like I said before, the dogs stay on the loose until I see the $$$$. I know that when you don't deliver, the second wave will be a real eye opener. :eek:
Originally posted by Joe 1320
[BI know that when you don't deliver, the second wave will be a real eye opener. :eek: [/B]

<----makes mental note to self, DON'T **** WITH JOE 1320 :eek: :D
Originally posted by fly89gta

<----makes mental note to self, DON'T **** WITH JOE 1320 :eek: :D

That cracked me up!:D I am just typical of a normally good natured person. They are easy to get along with unless pissed off:mad: , then all hell breaks loose:eek:.

This is a war against terrorism. The kind of terrorism where you cannot safely make transactions with other members of the upstanding Buick community. Fear of being ripped off will not be tolerated:mad:. This is a war where intelligence plays a vital role in seeking out the persons involved and bringing them to justice. :cool: I will not stop in this endeavor until the guilty party makes good, and even then I will be watching.............
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Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2001 8:02 AM
Subject: Re: MO on the way

On my way to the post office now, i;ll e mail you the tracking # when i get home later this afternoon, around 4pm or so


No comment at this time.................
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Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2001 4:17 PM
Subject: Re: MO on the way

Mr. Bowen,
I did send out the funds for the refund I owe you, here is the USPS tracking #ET865383442US. This is send via USPS express overnight service. Thanks

Joe Cipolla

Hope it gets here before round two......... If not, it's going to get ugly. :eek: As of this posting, there is no such article in the system.

Delivery Status

You entered ET86 5383 442U S

There is no record of that item. If it was mailed recently, it may not yet be tracked. Please try again later.

"from" tracking info
When I talked to him Thursday last week he claimed my check would go out monday AM and that he would e mail me when it did, I still did not get any e mail letting me know I am truly shocked,