Anyone know Joe Cipolla?

If you need me to visit after midight ,email me!!!I hate turds like this ..:mad: :mad:
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When I talked to him Thursday last week he claimed my check would go out monday AM and that he would e mail me when it did, I still did not get any e mail letting me know I am truly shocked,

I don't know how you could be shocked that the kid hasn't delivered. I crap stories that he has e-mailed to me in the past aren't even good lies. His payback is on the way. It should be fun watching him squirm. :mad:
Delivery Status

You entered ET86 5383 442U S

Your item has arrived at the CHICAGO, IL 60701 processing center at 4:26pm on October 30, 2001. Status is updated every evening. Please check again later.

Well, that is interesting....... I will just have to wait and see what happens. :confused:
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I overnighted it, they said it may take 2 days due to the location. Also you have to sign for it. I paid 12.45 for the shipping. So the damn thing better show up! Also I recieved notice from the post office saying i commited mail fraud and all this BS. Saying they may put a warrant out for my arrest and all this crap. This is from you. I'd appreciate it if you can take care of this for me. Much appreciated. call me if you need to 312-320-5569

Joe Cipolla

Ahhhhh...... the beginnings of the second wave:eek:. Once I get the dough, the dogs of war get leashed. Not a minute before. After all, it was your doing that forced it to go this far. Had you not tried to rip people off, you would not be on the hot seat. :cool:
Leave the dogs unleashed,,Someone needs to teach this youngster a lesson in life,if you dont drop the charges whats the most that will happen to you ,,its worth it..
I agree. You should see this through to the end and put the screws to this punk. We really need to get the message across that we will NOT put up with being ripped off. The internet is too powerful a tool not to use it--we just need to be our own police.

You're doing a great job--don't let up now! We're behind you!
Joe -

Do not "take care of this" for that little bast@rd!
Let the authorities take care of him. He deserves it.

its friday and ?????

Sooooooooooo??????? This is days of buicks and alot of people read for the latest twister.....
This Joe Cipolla guy seems to be pretty popular around here.

He could actually be using negative publicity to gain recognition in the community then somehow repair his reputation and end up in a more positive position then he was before this all started, maybe end up owning a very popular Buick business who will end up being everyones vendor of choice.

Or maybe he will just be a loser.

I wonder if that is the same thing that Bowling Green Customs has up their sleeve. Maybe to leave and then come back as a reputable vendor. LOL!
I wasn't home today and the post office tried to deliver. I'll have to pick it up tomorrow morning and see if it really true. You guys are right. There were others that he screwed, so let him squirm. I 'm almost disappointed that I hadn't reached the third wave yet. It's almost like pulling out of Iraq too early when we should have gone downtown Bagdad. ;) Then again, we still might. :eek:
Go for the jugular. Get 'em.

Maybe he's a former employee of BGC, or perhaps Eastern Performance??? Hmmmm......
Joey, Joey, Joey........

I picked up the envelope from the post office and what do I find? Let me 'splain something to you........... M.O. = money order, and not a personal check. I don't take personal checks, let alone an out of state personal check not made out for the proper amount or made out by someone else. Who is Lynda? Not anyone I had dealings with. Again, I said Money Order, you agreed. You stated a MO was made out and on the way. Can you ever tell the truth? :mad: Wait till I get ahold of your parents, you little $#!^

" One thing we know about history. Those that don't learn from it are destined to repeat it."

General Stormin' Normin
It's obvious to me he's the former owner of BGC. :D

I think it's time to implement the "Louisville Slugger" solution.

Wave 3, meet Joe Cipolla.....
Well good ole Joe say's he mailed out my check Monday and I still do not have it and when I say I am surprised I am being very sarcastic.Just thought I would let all know his games stil go on.
Dang..... I feel like an author of a cheap novel. Judging by the amount of times the thread has been read, this topic is at least proving to be a source of entertainment. :cool: Now on to business.......

The third wave was launched today and I got a rather quick response from little Joey............

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Joe, i didn't mean to be an *******. Lynda is my mother. I didn't have the cash on me to make a money order. so she just make a check. I see that this is not good for your reason dealing with the law. I can see where you are coming from. I honestly didn't realize this. Check is good. You can cash it if you'd like. Or rip it up and i'll eat the 12.45(overnight fee). I'll send you a money order early next week when i get paid. I'll do whatever you want. i want this cleared up ASAP! I don't want any problems with the law. Tell me what to do! Please. I'm at your mercy here.


You just figured that out eh? It was a miscalculation on your part to take my warnings litely.

And then immediatly afterward........

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Or if you rip that up, i can take another one to the bank and cash it, make MO, send it to you? Shoulda did that in the first place. Damn, totally forgot about that.


Yeah right.......... you are a slow learner. Read my previous post about those who don't learn from history.

Immediatly following .............

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You can see now Joe that i am serious about getting your money as soon as possible. Please let me take care of this!


Joey, Joey, Joey......... This is what happens when kids think they are smarter than adults. I told you the second wave was going to be an eye-opener:eek: I told you that the third wave would not be pretty and you found that out too. I am done screwing around with you. I knew it wasn't your account, I already knew you didn't have the money and your parents are bailing you out to save your hide. I already know where the branch is located that your parents bank at, I know that the funds are available for the check, I even know how to get to your bank from your house as well. Now you can see the value of intelligence gathering and the execution of a plan of attack. Since you continue to screw around, the final wave is going to be a very costly one on your part. :eek: Everything that you have ever said has turned out to be untrue in some fashion, and everthing that I said was going to be a consequence has unfolded exactly as described. Your time has run out, prepare for a rather RUDE awakening. :mad:

"There comes a time when civilized men regress to a means of last resort, a time when civility becomes a non existant word"

General George Washington

I've e-mailed you one last time, after this nothing will save your little hind end, not even your parents. :p Have you figured it out yet that each response gets swifter and stronger ? Take note, little Joey.....
Oh man, this is good!!! That punk a## deserves to pay! I hope he gets everything that's coming to him.

Keep us up to date, and LAY THE SMACK DOWN!!

As the soap opera continues......

He responds.........

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Alright Joe, I'll get that out to you ASAP. Expect to see it early next week if not sooner. Regards


:confused: Sooner? That would be a trick. Nothing gets delivered on Sunday. :rolleyes: The suspense is killing me, I think I'll take a nap. :p I can't remember the last time I ran across someone as adept at shooting one's self in the foot as Joe Cipolla. A glutton for punishment for sure. :D

"If you're gonna be a bear, be a Grisley":eek:

Joe 1320 :cool: