Anyone know Joe Cipolla?

I am definately putting some thought into the means that the information is obtained. If it is obtained via e-mail only, there is less of a chance that Trolls will get the info on a website and use it to their advantage. Speaking of troll, time to roust one........:eek:
I think we need to start a poll. Is this more popular than the Budget rolller cam thread?

This is classic:)
What happens when you try to call that little punk by phone?? Its seems he loves to keep postponing what he shoulda done a looong time ago! I say someone ought to pay him a visit if ya know what I mean!
This is great

this is some of the funniest stuff i have read in a while.....Maybe we should go have a buick convention in his town so all of us can show are apprecation....lololol.....Let us know the out come i have to know....
In this episode, Find out if little Joey goes straight.......

After my nightly reminder to little Joey, I get the following e-mail response........

----- Original Message -----
From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2001 9:21 PM
Subject: Re: MO on the way

> This is the third time i am e mailing you this tonight, if you did not get this from me, here i go again!
> tracking # : 0301 0120 0002 8831 7592
> I sent this when i was out of town the other day. But it does have my current address on it. Should be fine
> Joe

I'll give you credit here, MSN has had server problems for the last????:mad: Their service can really bite at times.

While I am not going to discuss the methods of the response until the war has been won, I can provide some insight as to the depth of the defense. Currently, 127 total e-mails have been registered in this war against Terrorist Trolls:eek:. Not included in this total would be message board postings and the filing of reports on web pages. Here was a classic example of how little Joey seriously miscalculated the resolve of a fellow TR owner. :rolleyes:

"As I look back at the first several waves of attack, I can't help but wonder what the look on their faces must have been like when viewing such a superior military force".

General Stormin' Norman

To the rest of you trolls lurking out there, You will be met with overwhelming force if you try to rip off a member. Persistance, intelligence gathering and swift delivery of Justice will ensure a safe, worry free parts network.
Does the drama ever end?

In this episode, We check on Little Joey's shippment. It is so easy to catch Joey in a lie. His e-mail yesterday stated that the Money order went out 11/6. As of 11PM EST on 11/7, the post office tracking center had this reply:

Delivery Status

You entered 0301 0120 0002 8831 7592

There is no record of that item. If it was mailed recently, it may not yet
be tracked. Please try again later.

This would message would happen only on the same day as shippment. Joey, you will never tell the truth, even when faced with a firing squad. :mad: I'll bet you don't ever screw with another member ever again.:mad:

And so, the saga continues...... Will little Joey ever be rid of the relentless Joe 1320? Find out in the next episode of:

"As the Moron squirms....":D
AS of this morning, verified the shippment, note the pick up time. Little Joey still cannot tell a simple truth as to when something was shipped out.

Delivery Status

You entered 0301 0120 0002 8831 7592

Your item was accepted at 2:14pm on November 07, 2001 in SOUTHFIELD, MI 48037. Status is updated every evening. Please check again later.

So Joey, You said it went out when?

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 6:29 PM
Subject: Re: MO on the way

yeah, expect to see it in a day or 2. They told me once again because of the distance, it may take 2 days. I got it right this time


You see Joey, the same internet that you used to scam people, is the same internet that I'm using to bury your hind end. :p

Another interesting statistic of this war: 12 different organizations from Law Enforcement , Post Office and the FBI have been involved in the bringing of little Joey to his knees.

I am certain, he didn't expect such a display of force........
Joe1320, you are my consumer advocate hero! :D :D :D

The dogs of war continue their slobbering inferno upon the naive and moronic.....
Joey, Joey, Joey.........

I got your money order today. It was short by $15. The charges will not be disolved until payment is in full. I am done screwing around with you. I have most of my money, but you are the one still on the hot seat because you still try to scam someone to the last. Do not blame me when the men in blue come to see you,
Do not think that this will just go away, Do not EVEN think that you are now safe.

You will not be allowed to scam TR owners of this board, I will not let this die. Do you hear me? Well, do ya punk?

Anyone else that has been scammed by this punk, send me an e-mail detailing the dirty deed, and I will provide a course for you to string this kid up by the (insert favorite expletive here) family jewels. I do not want to make all details public, some information could be used against the prosecution. My e-mail is posted.......

" Son, I don't want you to die for your Country...... I want you to make the other poor b@$^@rd die for his"

General Patton
After yet another night of rousting the Troll.....

After my nightly Troll rousting session, I nail little Joey again... I guess he figures that I owe him a stop payment for a check that I didn't ask for, and overnight charges associated with such. Sorry Joey, I asked for a money order, not a worthless check that you would have stopped payment on as soon as I got it (or before). Not only that, he claims that he still could have shipped my parts? Yeah right, little Joey.

Here was my response:

Blah, blah, blah. At least ONE of us will still keep his word. I will
be sending back the other check, see attached photo. Had I not caused a big stink, you would have blown me off and kept the money. Now you have the audacity to bitch at me? You should thank god you aren't my son. If you were my son, I'd take you over my knee....... As far as choosing a refund instead of the parts, tell it to the judge. Your stories will go over real big with him.

As far as the refund: Your fault.
As far as a stop payment: Your fault.
As far as shipping charges: Your fault.
As far as the check I didn't want: Your fault.
As far as my attiude: Your fault.

Had you done the right thing to begin with, you would not be dealing with
this at all. The lesson you could have learned is to DO NOT SCREW WITH PEOPLE.:mad:

"Let this serve as an example to any other scam artist. The Turbo Buick Community is a rather unique group of people. They are the type of folks who generally speak softly, but carry a Bazooka for self defense. Do not screw with us, you'll get way more than what you bargained for." :eek:
In this episode of Watch Joey Squirm.....

I did my daily troll rousting and got the following response to yesterday's post........

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, November 11, 2001 7:32 PM
Subject: Re: Laughs

Haha, thanks for the photo of the check.

Im not bitching at you man. You taught me a good lesson. Take care and let me know when you get the other $15

Take care

Take note fellow TR enthusiasts. Once you have the scammer by the muffler bearings, keep them tight enough to make their eyes bulge:eek: Little Joey and other scammers need to know that we are committed to winning the war against internet Trolls. We will continue to share in the parts network, we will not allow scammers. As far as you learning a lesson, I really doubt it. You have demonstrated an uncanny ability to do whatever you want without fear of repercussion. That is, until I busted your little @$$. Then you show fear of getting locked up with a 450 lb gorilla named Bubba who loves little boys:eek: . I do know one thing, there little Joey. You won't ever scam a member again. We'll be watching.........:p
While I wait for Joey's delivery.....

The original thread reads " Anyone know Joe Cipolla?" Well, we all know Joe Cipolla. We also can now recognize someone pulling a "Joe Cipolla" and trying to rip you off. Take note of the stalling, the always plausable sounding excuses, etc....... When an internet troll pulls a "Joe Cipolla", drop the hammer immediatly!

For those of you who e-mailed me for the proceedures to getting satisfaction, Use it with a vengeance!
Yes, thanks Joe . I now have all my information ready to go. I've emailed the little punk 3 more times with no replies. Like I said, he has until Friday. The onyl reason he has until Fri. is because I'm being nicer than I should be.
I don't have a GN and i didn't buy parts from him, but i can get in on this and harass him anyway? :D:cool:
Dang..... I'm getting a few e-mails! Looks like the terrorist reign of scammers is ending. :D To all that requested the information, you have mail, now go and raise hell! :eek:
i just enjoy this thread... and what would be even beter is if someone can get pics of when the feds raid his house and arrest him!!