Anyone watch the UFC fights on Saturday?

cool 84

Got hotair?
I just got back from Vegas and it was one great weekend. There were some good fights but Couture vs Vitor was a real letdown. I forget how many seconds it went before Randy got cut but it wasn't long. Those two guys outclassed everyone by far. I've never seen two guys of that size move that fast. They were faster than the welterweight and middleweight guys. Too bad it didn't go longer.

The afterparty was scary. We were with Tito and with Chuck and the crazy British guy there, I was more than a little nervous that something was going to happen. We ended up leaving early to avoid trouble. I met Ken Shamrock there for the first time, very classy, softspoken guy. Anyone else watch?
Nope, I didn't get to see it, but I love to watch that stuff. i have a couple of UFC videos. these are some fo the baddest guys on earth for sure. Shamrock is a real bada$$.
I was at a wedding but I am going to cop that joint tonight when I get home. Its on statalite. I have never missed a UFC since its started. Die hard fan for life;)