The UPDATE on my stolen vehicles - There is a thief among us

Seems Raymond has been a loser and a thief his entire adult life and the courts keep pleading him down and giving him light sentences.

This mouth breather will end up dead at an early age, the cause will likely be street justice and it will be because he deserves it.
In previous posts in other sections i have mentioned the unfortunate lack of prosecution or rather enforcement of stringent prison terms for those caught with grand larceny of a vehicle, possession of stolen vehicle, chop shop, stolen parts, etc.

With all the vtech hondas i seized and destroyed that were a mix of stolen engines, transmissions, frames, bodies, etc, most got probation or very little prison terms, mostly in the 3-5 year range. Most major cities and even smaller cities and townships are facing extremely high court costs and pleading out just to cut costs. To us, car fanatics, cars are worth more than just the $$, blood and sweat. Its personal pride, especially our cult following. Most legal gurus or prosecutors, or even attorney generals know that to stay in office, they have to be hard on crime, like domestic violence, drugs, murder, robberies, gun crimes. Most regard stolen cars as a "property crime." It sucks, and a huge violation of our sanctity.

These cars have been hot since their inception and always will be hot. The people i know, never let the cars leave their sight. It broke my heart 2 weeks ago when a GN i sold to a young guy in Detroit was stolen out of his driveway when he was away from it for 30min or less on a Saturday morning to drive his g/f to work. People are pathetic.

More and more to keep events going, we will have to budget money for security. At BPG we had people at hotels and local law enforcement was well aware of the disaster that happened at BG and flat out would be inexcusable to happen at our event. Its pathetic that anywhere now especially in the last few years, we have seen not only in Buicks, but tracks all over the country, entire setups being stolen. People are more brazen than ever. There is no reason not to be CCW certified especially when driving one of these cars. It may seem extreme but I firmly believe in it.

Glad to see through all the text messages and phone calls I made with some LEO personnel that Billy was able to get his setup back together. Watch your back. I am pissed as im sure Billy is at the short terms/and probation this crew got. Its unfortunate that a stolen vehicle, a direct violation, is regarded as only a property crime. Its ridiculous!

Also one tip i see a lot of guys making in selling their turbo regal. And also if selling one of these cars to someone unknown or for that matter anyone, meet at a NEUTRAL location. It takes a dumb criminal only a few minutes to scan his eyes all over your place and see what else you have in your home or garage. USE COMMON SENSE! I cant believe people invite someone they dont know or never met aka absolute strange to their home to show everything to them. Go to a gas station especially a well known one to show a car. I typically like BPs because they put a lot of surveillance cameras. Or a local Sunoco station because i know the owners and everyone there. I always show up early as well to check out the area. Think like a criminal and you will beat them at their own game!
The main guy got 3 years prison and the other two got Probation - PTI (Pre-trial intervention) first time offenders.

If you read the sentancing carefully, you'll see that he got 3 years probation, no prison time.
If you read the sentancing carefully, you'll see that he got 3 years probation, no prison time.

If everyone read my initial post, the court records state he is in prison. The MI state site (OTIS) is not correct. He plead "Nolo Contendo" and was sentenced to 3 years.

Billy T.
stupid dirt bags. Glad you got your stuff back and thanks for the pictures now I have something to throw darts at. LEO's can get themselves into a lot of shit when profiling but just look at the pictures. I see in your sig you also own a Marauder. I had one too a 2003 Blue, 1 of 328 but recently sold it.
Bitter sweet ending.

Once again this shows the injustice of America's F-ed up court system. Minor sentances for all of them. Other countries cut of your hands for stealing or hang your sorry ass.
If everyone read my initial post, the court records state he is in prison. The MI state site (OTIS) is not correct. He plead "Nolo Contendo" and was sentenced to 3 years.
Billy T.

What...A state or federal record has errors???? How can this be?? ;) ;)

Sure glad to hear he's really behind bars.
My father always said, the two worst kind of people in the world "a liar and a thief.

Glad you got your stuff back. Putting everything back to pre theft condition had to be a chore.


That's for sure!
Glad it worked out. I thought the car was gone for sure.

Get hold of all the Buick groups and see if they'll post pics of the scum at events. That way if 1 or more show up everyone will be watching them so close I doubt anything will easy.;)
Were you able to recover both the car and truck?

Back up Claude. It was recovered after they'd already replaced the VIN.:mad: I've got a few tricks I'll be doing on mine so it will have several different locations for the VIN and you won't be able to remove them easily.:D
I am so glad it all worked out in your favor in the end and you got your car back. I used to follow your builds and loved to see your updates and progress. i hope this unfortunate situation doesn't stop you in the future from sharing your results. I look forward to hopefully seeing more. All the best with your future endeavors.
So were they or one of them a member of this forum? Since you say there is a thief among us???

The "thief among us" comment might be due to one of them owning an '84 GN with the '87 drive train. If he did the transplant then most likely he's had to of visited one or more of the various sites and ultimately to either,, or the gnttype site. Given that this site and others like it are focused on a specific car it's probably a beacon for car thieves to look over to scour targets close to them.