earls fuel filter?

yea idk if its worth it though, is fuel going to be filtered as good as a paper style filter?
I have a cleanable K&N billet fuel filter with a stainless steel mesh element that i bought in 97 and it still works and looks like new and never had any fuel system problems related to filtering.

I wouldn't have any concerns about using that Earl's filter it should work fine.
cool, ill take it apart tomorrow and clean it out, just wanted some feedback if there was anything to look out for on these
How dirty do these get? How long would you recommend using a stock filter before it's time to change it? I like that idea of cleaning it. I would like to see how much crud collects in a fuel filter.
the pump has a filter on it to prevent that stuff , what that filter does is trap small particles under 100 micron that wouldnt flow through the pump, the inline filter has to catch particles that wont pass through the injector baskets under 40 microns, what youll find more often is aluminum particles from a dying pump that if the inline didnt catch they would block up the injector or rubber that breaks off the insides of the hoses on tank from sender to the steel lines and above the axle flex hose

those earls are just a simple screen , not a fan

best is fix the line ends and run the acdelco filter
i would recommend change on a yearly basis as part of the spring clean and prep
The K&N filter i use never gets dirty that may be because i clean it very often, every 3 months, before it has a chance to. Since it only costs me the time i spend doing it seems like a very good deal to me, instead of buying a non cleanabe stock type fuel filter each time, now that would add up in costs over time.

Since there is a fuel sock or strainer on the pump inlet and a screen inside that inlet covering the gears in the pump there really isn't much chance of contaminents making it to the fuel filter and then on to the filter baskets of the injectors.

Here is a nice little video explaining the fuel sock.