Embroidered Key Chain

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I had one of these made for me and I liked it so much I thought I would see if anybody else would be interested in having one. I have a few and I had a great response with the first batch I put on here. I tried to get in touch with the moderator to ask him about becoming a vendor for these, but got no reply. I don't have many so act soon. They will not scratch your paint and make finding keys easy!!!! Price is $13.00 shipped to your front door. They look great and are modeled after our fender emblems. The logo is on both sides of the material and it is about 4 inches long by about 1 inch tall. Check out the pic. Let me know how many you want and how you want to pay. I can take cash, money order or PayPal (add 3%) for fees. Hope everyone had a great holiday season.


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I just realized I put the wrong price in the thread. OOPS! The price is 10.00 shipped. If you pay with PayPal, you will have to add 3% for their fees. Sorry for the mess-up.
You had a vendor offer to sale these for your price... Please follow the board rules...

Keychains or turbos, rules are rules...
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