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Fast Wb O2 Vegos and some high RPM popping with lag down low

I know .45 volts is ideal, but mine is .45 with the engine off, and .49 volts with it idling. Is this enough to consider the O2 going bad? The car is bogging badly out of the hole and quits pulling at 5000-5200, and I mean just quits. When you shift to the next gear it pulls real hard up to 5000-5200 just the same. I put a new coil on to night and it didn't help at all. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. :confused:

Sounds like the valve springs are going south.
If all else is normal, then the O2 being lazy should show up at all speeds???
What kind of RPM is it launched at??
Try a launch w/ it on open loop.

Just thinkin out loud here....:eek: :eek: :eek:
A little history on the popping

Last night I actually unhooked the O2 and it ran close to the same. It wouldn't idle at first, I changed some of the idle parameters so it would run, there was no difference in over all performance though. I was thinking about it and the popping started after putting in some bad race gas (as in real old). Here's the whole story maybe this will help some. Late October I ran the car at the track and it was running great. On the way home I had a rear end problem so I parked the car for winter. Before I parked it I drained out all the water and replaced it with anti-freeze. I let the car idle for quite awhile to let it reach operating temp. I washed the car, then sprayed the engine with degreaser and scrubbed under the hood, all the while it is still running. I then parked it for winter. Well two months later I decide to look at the rear-end and it was a minor fix(should have looked sooner). So I hadn't yet switched to storage insurance and I had 5 gallons of 110 octane a buddy gave me (it was old though like a year or better:eek: ) I figured it would be Okay. Well I took off and let it warm up then nailed it and it lagged real bad then sputtered a little at the top of first. ( by the way the cap was off the down pipe and you could hear it popping out the exhaust). Well then I tried again from a roll and was popping something fierce in the top of second and third. I wrote all this off as bad gas and just parked it. Now with good gas 93 octane and 17 lbs it's acting the same way. It has new plugs and coil now and still acting the same way. I almost wonder if I wiped out the cam from all the idling I did with it. What do you guys think? The cam is a comp 206/206 weber design flat tappet. I think I might post this in the general tech too as I am starting to think it is now not a FAST problem as before (O2 anyways). Hopefully this info will help though.....Thanks
Anywhere from about .43 to .47 volts is what I would consider normal. You are only about 20 millivolts high. I guess I would keep an eye on it, but I don't know that this is really indicative of a failure or an impending failure.

If you have an RPM specific problem, I would not guess that to be caused by a wide band problem. As the old geezer suggested, a bad wide band would give you grief all the time.

Have you compared how it runs in open loop vs. closed loop? Provided your tuneup is close, it should make VERY little difference in how it runs.
Craig I unhooked the O2 this should have been the same as switching to open loop correct? You may not have seen the post I made prior to yours.
Yes, unhooking it would yield the same result as disabling closed loop. We must have been posting at the same time cuz your big post wasn't there when I was replying! :D