Favorite Windows and Power loggers


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I have bought three used laptops and one new one ,only for PL I use it for nothing else and all have failed.Workmate says buy a ToughBook and be done.
He thinks he can find me a cf 52 or 53 with Windows 7pro maybe 8.? Or 10.What operating system do you have and like the best?
I have an old IBM Thinkpad with XP on it I use strictly for my GN at the track. Works mint.
I'm rocking an HP Mini with Windows 7 Starter and it's good to go.

Here's something to remember, Windows 10 has the dreaded automatic Update built into the OS. Meaning, even if you turn it off, or "schedule" when it can check for updates, it still does it automatically in the back ground as soon as it get's connected to the net. You literally can't disable that function. With that being said, here at my job, I constantly see Windows Updates discreetly and sneakily make configuration changes on our computers with Windows 10. This typically happens with Cumulative Updates and Security Updates. Win 7 is not like this. If you disable Automatic Updates, it stays off. Which is the main reason why I went with Win 7.

And one last tid bit. Microsoft will end "Extended Support" for Windows 7 on Jan 14th 2020. Which means, they won't be doing updates or giving support for Win 7 OS after that. Even though we've recently seen them do some fire fighting with virus issues that affected XP.

Anywho, I'd recommend pretty much any version of Win 7 and XP being GTG as well.

Toughbook on its way with win 7 pro.
PL worked wit 8.1 ,just add new PL file from above post but drivers all already in Pl right? And all is good ?or do all steps 1-12 any way ?
Using an old Dell notebook (small laptop) with Windows XP for appx 10 years. Only issue has been laptop battery stopping holding a charge. Found good new replacement for $16. Sweet!

I still love the simple usability of XP.

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PowerLogger is up to 5.3
PLC is up to 2.7.1

there have been no big changes tho, what are you running now?

I’m running 2.6.8
Got my SMG back all is good but I got thousands of small logs when I hit the space bar or try to extract the 12 in SMG
I had this problem before ,laptop died before I could give the 2.7 a try.
There is a older post about it and 2.7.1 fixed someone .i just installed 2.7.1 from that post and on my way to the garage to flash PLC. He was running 2.6 also thought I would give 2.7 a try
New laptop with windows 7 pro and 2.7.1 worked after reflash thanks everyone for suggestions and help
I just bought a HP laptop on Friday off a guy on "let it go" It had windows 10 already installed and I downloaded all the Power Logger stuff and it works great!!
I sure like this Tough book with 7 but it’s heavy
I’d put the car on a diet but I think I need to trim some pounds first.
I bought this lil thing called a lattapanda that is about the size of your cell phone. It has everything a full size desktop has. I installed it in the car and added a touchscreen to the 7” screen I have for it . Here is a video of it
Here is some specs on the computer I am running my powerlogger on https://www.lattepanda.com/products/3.html