Fuel displacement by Alky?

dank GN

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Jan 11, 2009
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without alky they have been over 600hp and if i remember correctly the car et'd around 10.2.this was on race fuel and higher pressures with volts to the pump.if you were referring to e85 i do not know the limitation.i do know 60s and alky are good for 9s without the injector wide open
Okay so what is your duty cycle?


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Nov 6, 2006
Had to give E85 chip a try.
IDC 92.8
Boost 24.3#
Top of 2nd gear
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i have run injectors wide open before with higher pressures,volts,and the right pumps.but it is not for everyone.your way down on boost and idc is raising and your not even loading up into 3rd gear.most guys like to see no more than 20% left on the injector.having a fuel cushion is just smarter and depending on the injector the spray pattern can be effected when run wide open
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