GN on the show "LIFE"

Im sitting here browsing the forums with my TV on NBC, when the show LIFE came on. Just a second ago as i was watching; the two police officers walked into a shop filled with a lambo and a few other rides. the male officer gets sidetracked by a car that is being lowered on a lift in the corner, when they pan over its a Grand National. The owners say to him "yo, dont be looking at my ride, you cant handle my ride. Its Turbo, bored out, with custom gears" The dazed officer replies with "does it have GPS?" :eek: :biggrin: :biggrin:

by far the funniest scene i have seen on tv in awhile. I dont know if its a rerun or not so sorry if its a repost.
Not a repost its a new episode. IMO the silver racing stripe looks like $hit.
Oh those wheels on the car were 84/85 I believe. It definitely was a 86/87 car though.
Screen cap! :D


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