How to make a 200-4r survive in our cars?

Sal Lubrano

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I am going to rebuild my first 200-4r BRF and I would like to know anyone tips and trick to make these transmissions hold up. I have rebuilt other transmissions before so this will not be new to me. Other than your basic rebuild parts such as the alto bands and billet shaft. I would like to know what modifications do you do to make these transmissions without insulting anyone asking them for thier secrets. Thank You for your help.
Contact Brian Hofer.

Do a search for "brian". I have one of his 200's and did a lot of phone research with him. I think I almost could do it now.
sal the use of a good master rebuild kit one includes valve body kit,puump parts,sun sheell and stator tube) is all you should need in the way of parts to have on hand.kit c is the one im referring to.make sure to get a lo reverse clutch housing removal tool before starting.using our 2004r manual is the only source of technical information you will need but there is additional information available elsewhere as well.