Looking for some info on some deisal trucks!!!!


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I know ive seen threads about the Cummings deisal and what not.. Couldnt find em or search em!!!.. But im curious about the Cummings Im looking at 08 and newer!! I see they have a 5.9 and a 6.7 motor... ANyone know anything about the two and which is best for hauling!!! My other choice is Duramax ,, Which i kno all about.. But the 2010 Dodge 2500 Laramie is sweeet!! Any info on both will be appreciated!!!! thanks guys.. Happy Holidays!!!:cool:
It's" Cummins", that may help u on your search...I've heard the 5.9 is better on fuel mileage and pulls as good...I know Black's Diesel here in GA has them flying...I saw one of their 2500's run 7.0's 1/8 mile....I wish they weren't so high, I'll have to keep my 97' though, good luck

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Yeah Duramax is tits... 35s and a lift kit .. How stuck can ya git? Ain't that just my luck... wheres a chain .. Im stuuuuck!!!
Buy a Dmax.


No, buy a Ford Powerstroke. :wink: I have one ('08) and I'm very pleased with it, not a single issue to date. I konw some guys will jump in and say they're bad...:rolleyes:, but I can only speak from my own experience and have nothing but good words about my truck. I wouldn't hesitate a second to recommend one. But don't "jack it up" like some other member suggest...it makes the truck ugly :frown:...Leave it at it's stock height.

Claude. :wink:

P.S: It's hard to beat the Ford's interior too!...
x 100000 for the Duramax. Best of the best all around.

I owned some Fords. All of them were junk and a let down. I had new Fords and used ones and they all were junk for me. The Doge is a good looking truck and you can't go wrong with a Cummins engine for sure ( I use to work for Cummins Diesel ) but the trans, rear, and the rest of it hooked to that Doge are all weak points. Seem every Dodge I ran across is also prone to wire harness issues. Save your money buy a Duramax and never look back! :D
I am partial to GM, and of course I own a Duramax!
Everyone has their own opinion, but one common denominator is almost all agree the Allison trans is the best automatic out there!
Got an '01 Dodge 3500 with the 5.9 Cummins and a '08 with the 6.7. Both are very dependable and have plenty of power. Never done anything to either engine yet. I'm a Chevy guy but from just working these trucks every day, I wouldn't hesitate to go right now and buy another one. Good power, good milage and very tunable. Just my opinion.
Im a chevy guy myself but if you want a truck to haul with get a dodge...Im getting into the car hauling buisness and i just bought a 2008 3500 ram chassis cab duallie 6 speed manual on monday....I was taking a hard look at the chevy but it seems that i run into a lot of them that have 100,000 miles on them a gooseneck mount in the bed and a new engine..Truck still in great shape and nice interior but they dont hold up if you work them too hard...Seems to be the going theme..Fords are junk the 6.0 is junk my dad had one If you must get a ford get an older 7.3.. The new one is entirely too hard to work on(aka have lift the body off to work on it) And that may be fine while its under warranty but what happens after that? Besides carhaul guys have told me its junk too... The dodge has a weak tranny if you get the auto but they are puttin an aisin trans in the new ones that supposed to be bad azz ... That and the aftermarket has devised ways too beef them up and make them last..Ive even heard if guys doing allison conversions..They actually made a truck for two years called the sterling bullet it was a cummins engine in a dodge 4500 chassis with a allison trans..Google Image Result for http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/5091/gtoland4.jpg with From what ive read if you want a dodge for fun get the auto,if you are gonna work it get the 6 speed manual, the clutch is the weakpoint but once you get a good aftermarket heavy duty one its second to none.... The reason the cummins lasts lasts like it does is that its a inline 6....V8 is not good when it comes to a diesel thats y semis are inline 6 even if they are a 550 horsepower catepillar its still an inline 6... The cummins is not for the faint of wallet it holds 5 1/2 gallons of antifreeze 12 quarts of oil and my truck has a 52 gallon fuel tank...Ive had it since monday and i love it so far.....Heres pics of mine..;)


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"Fords are junk"...Besides carhaul guys have told me its junk too...

Oh yeah, you're right!... I should've thought about these carhaul guys who hold the absolute truth!...If they told you that Fords are junk, well without a doubt, they must be junk!...:rolleyes:

Claude. :rolleyes: :frown: :(
Oh yeah, that's true!... I should've thought about these carhaul guys who hold the absolute truth!...If they told you that Fords are junk, well without a doubt, they must be junk!...:rolleyes:

Claude. :rolleyes: :frown: :(
Well heres the thing carhaul guys can predict the future for "normal" people that own similar vehicles...For one they log 10 times as many miles as an average person ,two they spend longer amounts of time hauling weight so the flaws will show thier ugly faces that much sooner...

Where shall i start,i got my info from several sources not just carhaul guys i have a friend thats a diesel mechanic and a friend that works at weller truck parts and he specializes in drivetrain parts..Not to mention my father bought a 2005 E350 6.0 van that i had to tow home from texarkana on a u haul tow dolly with my chevy 2500 van!!!

The branch tubes have a nozzle that goes bad and leaks pressure and if the pressure drops below a certain level then the engine wont start..

The same branch tubes also come together in a v shape and at that v there is no support for all the vibrations that the engine makes so it splits and the pressure drops and you guessed it it wont start!!!!

In order to fix the problem you have to remove the trans to get to the access plate then either remove a motor mount or jack the body up to getr the valvecover off..If you cant get the bolt out theeen you have to jack the body up and take the cylinder head off to get the bolt out..

The trans has a clip that holds the first gear drum that was made with 2 tabs the service replacement part has 4 tabs..When the 2 tab clip fails the drum moves forward and busts the case on the tranny ...

The egr cooler and valve constantly plug up causing the truck to run like crap this can be deleted tho if ur state dosent have emission testing

Theres a valve on the high pressure oil pump that can get jammed if you go wot and it will make the engine stop running....

If you high pressure oil pump goes bad it will run metal thru your engine and the dealer wants $2000 to change 1..If you need your branch tubes replaced prolly gonna cost in the $5000 range if you gotta have the dealer do it...

Shall i continue? I think i willl..

The batteries are mounted in the stupidest place ever!!! On a van anyway..Not under the hood but in a box only accessible from underneath...so if one of your batteries goes bad in the winter youll be on the ground in the cold changing it if you dont if you dont have the $$ to pay someone

My friend that works for the city of detroit said that he had to take a class specifically to learn how to fix them and the book is as thick as a whitepages used to be:eek: !!!! The city has 16 ambulances with powerstrokes and only 4 of them are in service the other 12 couldnt be trusted not to break down in an emergency situation when someones life is on the line so they are parked along a fence!!!!

My friend at weller says he get more calls for the NEW twin turbo ford for engine replacements than the duramax and cummins combined second are the duramaxes when the hit the low 100,000s the harder worked ones tend to give out, but if you make it past that threashold then chances are you prolly got one that will go 300,000 plus...

Go ahead and buy a ford if you want but like i said earlier the last good ones were the 7.3...
diesel truck

Well im not going to take sides here but i havean 05 powerstroke and love it,I have been a gm man my whole life however when it was time to get a new truck i had to factor in that ford was the only one who did need a government bail out of the big three when everyone was going under,ford has been the best selling truck for the past 33yrs and last i cant bring myself to drive to a union job with a truck that has a isuzu motor in it because that is who makes duramax for those who dont know!!Just my fellings on it.;)
I've owned all three trucks so maybe I can help some...The Dodge: Best choice if you are using it for daily heavy pulling (w/ a manual trans), other than that....drives the worst out of the 3, auto trans feels crappy.
The Duramax: nice riding, pulls decent (not like the cummins), Allison is very nice, duramax engine is pretty much trouble free...Downside is cheap interior, rattly, wind noise and some front-end parts tend to fail.
The Ford: Best built of the 3...very solid truck w/ a great interior...I had a 7.3 and no prob's...6.0's are hit and miss...the new 6.7's (and for the most part the 6.4's) are doing well.

I own a Duramax...if i was buying new today....an 11' Superduty. JMO...
Oh, The 6.7 is a stroked version of the 5.9 w/ all the emmissions crap and the newer Dodge's may ride better....mine was an 03' and I understand they went to an independent front suspension at some point.....forgot to add the Dodge interior was rattle free and decently built.
Thanx guys... Im still debaiting weather to go diesal or gas..I just feel that my investmen would last longer with the diesal.. I plan on hauling my 25ft Grady White, my GN soon as i get her.. qauds lawnmowers , trackers and possible a 5th wheel trailer.. And the occasional stump puller !!!!! So im not sure if going diesal is in my best interest... its just if im spending 40k on a new truck i want it to last a few100k miles!!! I also been looking at GM's 6.0 and the new Ford F150s 6.1!! They can hauld over 10k lbs, i belive around 11k lbs... I guess time will tell!!! If im going to pull a 5th wheel . I think im going Diesal!!
If you plan on keeping any truck for a long time and towing a 25 foot boat...Get a diesel, they tow waaaay better, live way longer and the resale isn't even comparable...gas trucks don't hold near the value of diesels. They are more $ to maitenance (filters..more oil) and diesel is (for some reason...) more than regular gas however they get better fuel economy than gas trucks, especially loaded or towing.
Gas jobs will the get the job done as long as its not really heavy all the time.. the chevy 6.0 is a bad dude..I got one in my 07 2500 chevy van and it has 435,000 miles on it..I bought it new..Ive towed with it and if you are pulling something heavy the gas mileage will go way down..If you are pulling say a single car open trailer,you wont know its back there.. If you are gonna tow heavy on a regular basis id get a diesel.. If you want something with good power that gets decent mileage that will last with minimal maintainence and tow occasionally then the 6.0 gas will do you great...