Speedway upper control arms

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Jan 11, 2009
i bought 2 of the right side upper control arms from speedway . I wasn't expecting much because of the $44 price tag . Now that they are installed I must say they aren't to shabby and would suggest these for anyone looking for a cost effective way to drop 6lbs total from the front end . They where 3 lbs lighter then my stock ones . Just thought I would share .
There's a vendor that sells the same ones for
$149... Speedway is a great place to shop (y)
I got a set of right sides also from Speedway. They are nice. I used Proforged 1/2" longer ball joints to correct the camber gain.
Are these the ones with the aluminum cross shaft? How are the bushings? I see that they are greasable. I need something as I feel my rubber bushings are shot on the pass side as the inner tire is wearing excessively.
Can I get a link to the fancy camber correcting ball joints? TIA

Added:proforged 101-10020 Tall Upper Ball Joint - RWD
Goodness, $50 per side. I'm thinking I will use the ones I have if they are in good shape. Just unbolt em and transfer em over.
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I haven't yet but do no alignment it drives pretty straight