Spoolfool's new 1 pc. bumper fillers for sale.


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Here are my new fillers.
I'm very happy with the way they came out. When I started this project, It was my goal to make something that would fit nice, and look good, right out of the box. These are offered in black gellcoat only. This gellcoat looks better than many of the black paintjobs that I see, but can be painted over. You should always prefit things to your car first before painting, however no bodyshop reworking should need to be done. All holes are predrilled. You may need to elongate a few holes, as all of these cars are a little bit different.



These are hand layed fiberglass. Made in the USA.:)

Here's one that we paited white for a Turbobuick.com mod.


No gaps around the tailights.

Here's the thread that was started about six weeks ago, over on T6P http://www.t6p.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18813

The price for these should be in my sig below. So far, sales have gone quite well. I invite people to leave there feedback on this thread. PM or call for shipping costs.

Thanks for all the support, and Happy spooling...:)

Turbobuick.com's newest vendor.
Mike Barnard
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I'll point out that Mike's the first one to comercially offer a one piece rear filler for the Regal body and is also a paying vendor now.;) Very nice job Mike.:cool:
Mike's 1 piece rear bumper fillers are really beautiful. Fit and finish is exceptional. My car looks so much better with it on the rear, it makes me feel like I have a brand new car. I did not realize & / or remember how bad mine looked until Mike put the new ones on my car, and when I 1st saw it, I could not believe how it improved the looks of the car's rear end. Thanks, Mike, you're the greatest, and so's your new rear bumper filler.
Mike, I need you to ship me another one, e-mail me with payment info, thanks.

Robert might be pissed when he finds out his filler is on the way to Texas!
^ nick, not sure when you need it by but i can bring it out the next time i head that way
For those who don't know, Shipping these things suck. The box is 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" x72 1/2". Even though it only weights about 6 lbs, UPS charges me for 60 lbs, because it's "oversized" . I can just stuff two fillers in the same box and it's still the same cost to ship. I say, find a freind and split the cost of shipping.:cool:
Nick, why don't I send you two on monday. We'll work out the details later. Shipping will be about 60.00 bucks. Unless Brent can deliver it. Let me know.

Mike B.
Thanks Mike for a great product !!!! i have Dankos on mine and i HATE when i look at the Left Rear at "that certain angle" and you see the wavy gap under the taillight... my brother is a body man and it took a lot of work for him to get them right..... but they are still two piece.... as soon as my money tree blooms and i finish buying one of Peter's awesome radiator/fan combos i will be getting one of your bumper fillers......thks again

These body fillers are long overdue, no other ones available although cheaper can equal the fit, finish, quality & detail of this product.
i jus ipainted and installed one on my limited and let me tell u no bodywork required prime paint and slap her on great product and made in the USA