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As making a few vain atempts to run TSM at the "Green" over the years,I have nothing really vested in the series other than digging it alot.Thats why I don't know any better than to ask,"Why not run a spec turbo under a 70?"Somthing in the 60's mabey.Preservation of the class seems to be important to most everyone from what I've been reading.This seems like it would be the easiest way to regulate the class.Or am I missing somthing obvious,(or not so obvious!)?I't couldn't be a money issue,because the common man (like me)probably already has a lung like that,and the hitters in the class I'm sure woul'd have no issue coming up with a new lung.No other rules would need changing,because the lung would be the limiting factor.This would promote even tighter competition,would'nt it?Car construction and chassis prep and set up will be more critical because the abillity to make up for bobbles by freight training the other guy with a $#!t load more power is no longer an option.Is this really dumb,or am I actually a super genius?(probably not)
I believe the TFS class has aimed at the turbo and intercooler as the field leveler.

Even if a smaller turbo was introduced, the fastest would still be faster, just at a different scale.

No kidding.Recently,I held in my hand a typical turbo they used in Indy cars on stage motors in the 80's.That thing was frickin huge!Looked like a 101 mm.It was definately old school tech.