Stock turbo, ported comp housing Garret 63. Exhaust with inlarged wastegate hole

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Jun 28, 2002
Stock turbo, port matched comp housing & inlet bell. Garret 63. exhaust with in larged waste gate hole professionally machined. Very minimal play, working when removed, no smoke.

Turbo only, no actuator or elbow.

You will need an oversize puck in your elbow or downpipe.
I have a stock elbow I can include for $25 but it will need a larger puck installed.

This was my spare I just picked up a TE-44 so this has to go $200 firm shipped
Pics of turbo.


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Ok, I'm interested since I'm running an external gate and custom downpipe anyway. How many miles are on it and how much play is there in it? Also, what kind of coating is on it and has it been run with that on?

Mileage unknown but it worked perfectly when removed, very minimal play nothing drastic that will cause any problems. The center section & exhaust houseing are painted with VHT 1500 deg paint, compressor housing is painted with a 500 deg paint however I forget which brand I want to say duplicolor. Turbo was not ran yet after painting but I have used both paints on turbos before and it holds up very well. Hope that answers your questions.