TH350 vs. 200R4


11 Second V6
Since this isn't DIRECTLY related to TR's I didn't know whether to put this here or over in the lounge, but....

My Dad just bought a nicely done '32 High boy. He wants an OD trans in it, but doesn't want to cut alot of things up, because of how nice the undercarriage is. Does anybody know if a 200R4 would bolt in place of the TH350? Items of most concern are the mounts and driveshaft length (He would have to control the converter L/U somehow also...). Thanks!
The 200-4R is a good replacement for the 350. The overall length and output splines are the same which means no driveshaft mods. The crossmember mount will need to be relocated back about 6 5/8".

As for the lock-up, a simple kit such as the TCI 376600 will provide for convenient, hands-free operation of the TCC. It works off a fourth gear pressure switch and a vacuum switch.