Turbo Tweak ECU-GN and what to expect

I had missed earlier that you had a Scanmaster G for FAST. Bob pointed out to me that the FAST Scanmaster G is not compatible; you would have to have it reflashed to the Buick software, then it could connect to the ecuGN. Sorry for the bad info.
No worries...thanks for the clarity though.
There are essentially 4 processors in this ECU, one is a "dual" to run all the engine functions, another to handle vehicle specific I/O, and one to serve as the wideband controller. Hit me up if you want to discuss particulars....

What is the resolution of the ATODs inputs? 8 or 10-bit or is it configurable for either?

This is definitely on my to get list. If not next February, then in February 2020. I wanted to upgrade my stock driveshaft and rear axles before I turn the wick on my turbo. I may have to do something about my stock brakes.

Maybe I can talk my wife into getting a temporary part-time job and get it for me for Christmas.:rolleyes:
@TurboBob i can aslo install egts and do a cyl by cyl tuning correct? Is there any add on that we would need obiously the sensors besides that, and i can also use this to read trans temp as well? I presume i just need the right sensor thx
You can use regular GM oil and air temp sensors, input 4 is already set up for it. The other inputs can be used but an external pullup resistor would need to be connected.
So, this thing works:

Just stuck trans temp on there to see what I'm running. It was a hot day today and it stayed below 200 degrees. So that's awesome.

This video is my best run of the day. I ran the first two with the auto-learn on to fill in the more aggressive part-throttle sections of the map, then concentrated on trying to learn how to drive the car again. Everything is better. The telemetry was captured from the on-board SD logging since my copy of Shadow Dash likes to randomly forget that it's actually been purchased and reverts to demo mode.

The OE VSS is indeed too jittery to use with TCS. I've ordered a 40-tooth from JTR, but I'm not sure when I'll get it in. Since it'll break the speedometer/odometer, I'm going to have to figure out a better dashboard solution than this shitty tablet.