Varishock single adjustable shocks all around? Setting recommendations?


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Apr 16, 2007
I installed upper and lower ball joints using the taller ones, upper adjustable control arm lowering springs and varishock single all around. Looking for setting recommendations. Have it set to seven right now and seems bouncy.

All purchased from whose phone doesn't seem to be working now. Says they got a new number so maybe something to do with that.
Start with them in a mid postion rather than one way or the other. If they're not stiff or lose enough change the setting until you're happy with them.
Shock tuning really can't be done correctly unless you're racing and have a clock to tell if your change was good or bad. As CharlieF1 said, put it in the middle and adjust for comfort until you can get to a racetrack and really wring it out.
I really don't want them for racing. I want them for a good driving experience. I love a good handling car and I have that now, but seems to be some rapid bounce and I'm suspecting it's the lowering springs. Also seems to be coming from rear end bouncing more than anything. Turn up rear setting higher? At setting 7 I have them at now that is almost the mid point.
Bounce can be due to the spring rates or the shock setting and since you can tune the shocks start from there. If you can't get rid of it then change the springs.;)
Dial it back to 6 front 5 rear and see how that works.
SC&C was out of power until late Saturday (Sandy), also setting up a new office (and new phone number).
Dial it back to 6 front 5 rear and see how that works.
SC&C was out of power until late Saturday (Sandy), also setting up a new office (and new phone number).

See that's where I'm confused. I thought maybe I need to turn them up because the springs need more control to prevent bouncing. But when I went to 10 it was jarring. I'll try your settings today and see what happens.
You could also try 5F 4R and go from there. That's the nice thing about adjustable shocks. You can work them until you get it just where you like it. The equivalent setting to a Bilstein HD is about a 2.
Single adjustable shocks have rebound adjustment so here is what I would do and Why!

1st) Get your self a notebook and pen so you know where you are at while your adjusting your shocks.

2nd) Turn the knob to the FULL position and start there that will be your "0" position, Drive the car, then turn the knob softer 2-4 clicks and drive the car again until you reach the liking of your ride quality this entire time making notes in your notebook where you started and when you ended up. ( The reason for starting in the FULL position is because most shocks make very large changes per click near the "full hard" setting and make very little to no change near the "full soft" setting or in between).

Some manufactures will suggest a different start point but there really is no downfall if you were to start in Full Soft and work forwards or if you started at Full stiff and worked backwards, your outcome will still be the same and you will reach your goal either way.

Just another option.
Legacy, If you can't get ahold of Savitske, you could always try contacting the manufacturer. :) Of course, thanks to the magic of Google Alerts I happened to find your question.

It sounds like your rear springs may be a little bit heavy but I don't know what you got from Mark. Assuming the rates are correct, and correctly matched with your front and whatever anti-roll bars you may be running, I suggest adding dampening. If your rear is at seven now and it still bounces, add some more. Go one click at a time. The Varishock has a wider dampening range overall and makes more change between clicks than most other shocks. Do NOT go full stiff and work backwards.

For detailed tuning information, you can download the instruction sheet here:

When I go to the shop I can look, I have the same spring/shock combo and its perfect. I know they were both close to the middle of the adjustment range
Better late than never? I forgot to respond. Thank you so much to everyone for the help. I ended up getting it dialed in perfect. 6 front and 4 rear out of 16! The back was bouncing because the shocks were too stiff and not allowing movement. Now it matches the ride of my Cadillac V exactly. For better performance I move it to 7 or 8 front and 5 rear, but for everyday driving it's too harsh.