weight diff between a GN & 79 MALIBU

Nice Elkys. Love the Iroc style wheels (or are they?) on the el caminos and monte ss. Just looks good. Any thoughts of a ss nose? I don't know if anyone would be interested but in the midwest "wheeler dealer," yes that is what its called, there's a pic of what appears to be a very clean and mostly original malibu. Its the blueish gray color. Only asking 2250 for it. Can't remember what year exactly, probably 80 or newer beings its that color. It is in Missouri. If interested I will grab a number for it.
yup, those on my car are 18" irocs. There is a few elky's out there with the ss nose, some came with it. There was an original iroc el camino. It has iroc z on the door and an iroc front end and hood. That was factory and pretty rare I believe. There was also a choo choo custom which my buddy on this board had, they had basically the ss front end installed at choo choo customs. They are rare, and worth some good cash if they're in good condition. The 2 door 82 malibu's out here are super rare now, but if you can get a hold of one your in luck. 82 because the header panel with the double lights, and the side marker fenders.