Whats your best memory with your TR?


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Feb 25, 2005
I was just looking at my broken ass car and had some good memories, just wondering if anyone else has any? My 1st was absolutely destroying an 03-04 cobra with my 2 import friends in the car, they have never doubted the car since. #2 was when I first got my new trans and was testing out the trans brake, after 2 launches I broke the driver side window off the tracks!! no body could believe it. I wasnt mad, I was happy the car was a BEAST...for a while anyways..haha:D Anyone else got any??
making my first 10 sec pass. bone stock motor, TA61, 55#inj., fairpark s/l intercooler, Reds double pumper, Pete Tomka cold air kit, 28x10.5 slicks, 911 lock up, c16, & 29psi.
that's it, nothing more, nothing less. the car went 10.96 & backed it up with a 10.97. and to tell the truth, on the 97 pass I forgot to turn the A/C off. it was hotter than heck & I had the A/C on while I was in the staging lanes. ;) :cool:
I don't know about the best since I've had some serious fun with my turbo Regals (and other guys I know), but one that sticks out has to be getting lined up next to a trailer car I followed all the way to the track.

About the time I reached the exit for the drag strip, I pulled up behind a 69 Camaro on a trailer. Obviously, he was headed where I was, so I didn't bother to pass him on the two lane road that leads to the drag strip even though he was driving rather slow.

We get to the track, he unloads the car while I let mine cool down a bit. It ends up that we get lined up next to each other, I do my normal quiet burnout and light the first bulb. He does a John Force burnout, makes all kinds of racket and finally stages.

From memory our lights were about the same, as were our 60's (which I still laugh about since my car was on a 28x9 ET Drag and his was on at least a 12" or 13" slick). I went an 11.20 to his 11.3x. After the pass he caught up with me while the hood was open and asked if it was the same Regal that had followed him in, I told him it was and that I had been getting around 24mpg with the A/C on. His face was priceless.

Another good one was getting booted from the local tech nazi track. I had just bolted the turbo back on (exhaust seal had been leaking, so had it rebuilt) and was running late getting to the track. My brother was with me since he hadn't seen the car make a pass. We get there rather late, so I had to talk to a few guys in the tower to even get someone to tech the car. Finally someone comes all the way from the far end of the track and techs the car as a 12.00 at best car. I tried not to smile as I assured him it wouldn't do better than a 14.30.

My brother heads to the stands to watch and ends up next to the guys girl friend I lined up next to. It was a cold night, so I made sure to put a lot of heat in the tires. My brother hears the guys girl friend say "Why is that grandma car doing such a big burnout?". Since I was running time only I didn't bother treeing the guy, so he gets a good 330' spot, if not more. The girl then makes another comment along the lines of "what is that car doing?" about the time I left off the brake. The car 60'd harder than it ever had before (my brother claims it hung the driver side wheel an inch or so) and I reeled the guy in HARD. His 1/4 mile MPH was something like 96mph to my 98mph in the 1/8.

Since I had just put the car back together it ended up being a little fat on the tune and broke up on the big end, but it was on it's way to a 10.90 pass based on the 60' and 660' times. When I reached the timing shack I got a dirty look and already knew what was coming - no more passes for me that night.

Headed back to pick up my brother, he told me about the things the girl said, we had a laugh and drove home.
Best memory in my TB with my clothes on.


I guess that every kid has his fish story about "the one that got away". This one was with my old low eleven second motor. I think that I've got him covered now with my new Czarnota engine. I've seen the guy out driving it 4 or 5 times since then, but all times I wasn't in the GN. Some day I hope to get my rematch. This is the kind of stuff that ledgends are made of. At least, in my mind;) .

Happy spooling.

Mike Barnard
I kicked four Mustangs at one time. All four were lined up at the traffic light; I pulled up behind the black Mustang which turned out to be the slowest. The light turned green and they all took off. I went around the one and within an 1/8 mile they were all behind me. I slowed down and they slowed down, they did not want to catch up to me than they made a u-turn and disappeared.

PS: The last one I passed had a real nice custom paint job.
This day :)


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We (me an a friend) were riding around town and some dude pulls up in an old colonade body style 442. Sounded like it was running on 6 cylinders and he starts revving it.

My friend looks over at the guy and says "Take it to the House boy".

And we drove off. Best race that never was.
My first 9 second pass. I still remember the song that was on the track's pa system (Harum Procol - Conquistador). There was an oil down before I went up and had to sit in the car at the burnout box for about 5 minutes. I knew that was going to be the run because right before that the car went 10.00 @ 120 mph because the wastegate rod fell off right before the 1000'.

It's even on video!
I know i'll never forget the day I drove my first Turbo Regal (my 87 T) off the dealers lot in 1992. Hadn't even had it for 10 minutes and blew away a new Vette heading home. Hey, he challenged me!!:eek:

The time that sticks in my mind is when i first bought the car 5years ago. I had been racing and old 1970GS Riviera, it was ok, but they didnt respect it. So anyway the fastest guy in the group said he wanted to beat the GN, he heard they were fast, but he said the one i had was slow, what he didnt know was when i had ran him in it before, i didnt know how to turn up the boost, and add racing gas:biggrin:, we line up, being i didnt know about building boost he jump about 5cars on me, about half way thru he stared horse gas. He saw that black demon coming hard, he pulled his car back in gear, and nailed it! I blew by him, and he blew his engine, because he dropped to many gears! I won $500 that day, i was hook from there! He is still to this day trying to beat the GN.
Well, I don't have any memories (yet) that are after the time period in which I received my license. So I'll have to go with me making my dad play Bon Jovi's Shot Through the Heart a thousand times every time I got in the car. It's a good memory...and when the car is running again...I'll go pick him up...and guess what we're going to listen to? lol :tongue:
Its not the best memory but its a "classic" one....

My (x) wife climbed over the roll bar in her wedding dress as we left the church from our wedding. :D Then we left with a massive burn out. :cool: (kinda like my marriage....lol);)
Used my old white Buick as a prop to propose to my wife.

We went out for ice cream and were driving past the church where we originally met. I told her I thought the tire was rubbing on the inside of the fender and we had to pull over. Pulled in the parking lot of the church, I got out to "look at the tire" and got down on a knee and pulled the ring out. I yelled in the car and told her I needed a hand changing the tire. She got out all :mad: thinking she had to help change the tire. The look on her face when she got around the front corner of the car and saw the ring was priceless. :D