Will it spool? 118

Mike Licht

I was here first
May 23, 2001
For a LSX project Billet 118 1.50 A/R that a 2 liter coke bottle :eek:


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I dont think it will for you...

im sorry...

you better let me try it out first to make sure its what you really need.

how big is the ls motor? id take a guess at or over 427 cu-in with 8xxx of rpm, cause otherwise that moster of a snail will spin about the speed of a ceiling fan lol
I wouldn't even try with a stock D5.. BUT maybe with a Orange stripe converter. :p
That orange stripe would lite it up;)

That thing is massive!

How much does that thing weigh:confused:
Mike, I think I’m going to borrow that from the new owner. I’d like to try it out on the wife’s 2.4L Malibu. I figure she’s got all day to let it spool! That’s going on an awesome combo, I may have to drive out just to see a pass!
Id hope the engine its going on will be making at least 2000hp.

Thanks for the pictures!!!

2800HP turbo on a Small Block seems like a lot.
I guess he is going with a tall block and a long stroke.
Good luck to the owner, I have been excited to see his new build.

Hebron, IN – October 11, 2010 – PRECISION TURBO AND ENGINE is proud to announce the addition of the large-frame PT118 turbocharger, designed to produce upwards of 2,800 horsepower and recommended for engines ranging in size from 430-540 cubic inches, to their current product line.

The PT118 turbocharger features Precision's unique CNC-machined, CEA (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) 2618 forged aluminum compressor wheel with a 118mm inducer measurement; the CEA wheel is specifically designed for maximum power and performance by providing greater efficiency, faster transient response and is capable of handling higher boost pressures all while generating less heat than a conventional wheel.

Using a traditional T5 turbine inlet, the PT118 is a direct bolt-on for manifolds designed to match this footprint. Additionally, a standard 5 1/4" V-band turbine discharge makes downpipe installation and removal virtually effortless. In motorsports, a win can be determined by mere fractions of a second; Precision has designed their turbine housings to be light-weight to aid in achieving the best times possible. The high-performance Precision PT118 also features a massive 7" compressor cover inlet.Developed for racing applications, PTE's PT118 turbocharger is approved for use in the Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw Drag Radial and Limited Street classes, among many others within various sanctioning bodies.
It is a 454 LSX with 6 bolt heads 9000+ RPM, chassis is 25.2 and 10.5 tire. Controlled with the new AMS 2000, 6 anything @ over 200 is the goal to start.