blew headgasket found anti-freeze in oil are bearing shot?


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I over boosted my car and blew the head gaskets :eek: i have removed heads etc. and i drained my oil about an hour ago and found it with anti-freeze. :eek: question car was not run with this down below as my oil was not a milk shake but two seperate liquids one being anit-freeze which came out first when i removed the drain plug and then the oil, my question as i have read that the bearings will not be any good if anti-freeze gets below is that is this true? :( do i need to consider replacing my crank and rod bearings or should i be able to put new oil in run for a couple of minutes then change oil to new oil through the motor etc. :confused: thanks for the input.
SHould be ok, but i would flush it asap! PUll the cam sensor prime it with a drill with fresh oil to and crank the motor a bit to move the oil around. #1 cyl let me guess?
The only way to know for sure is to drop the pan and pull some rod caps (check both bearing halves). If you do and they are fine, you are out a pan gasket and a few hours. If you don't and they are hurt, its only a matter of time until you hurt the crank and have metal all through the motor. Plus, you might have gasket bits blocking the oil pickup.
You said you pulled the heads and then about an hour ago you drained the oil.

It is possible that the coolant got in there when you pulled the heads.

Just a thought.
Definately pull the pan.. It makes sure you have a clean oil pickup.

If you want to see if anti-freeze went through.. cut the oil filter open.. that way you can also tell.

The anti-freeze is only an isse when you drive the car after hurting it. If the gasket went POOF.. and you shut the car down.. no probs... if you continued to drive it after it blew.. then thats where we get iffy as to how long etc.. Doing inspection on a couple rods will tell the story if there's any issue.

Cork oil pan gasket, GM or Felpro gasket, and prime the system thoroughly with fresh oil.. and do an oil change pretty quick after you fire it back up..


I bet it was #3
head gasket

actually it was the passenger side, and yes right when it happened the car went flat and i thought i was something else so i did restart it but it died again after which i checked the oil and there was no milk shake as the oil looked good, Im thinking it may have gotten in the oil upon removing the heads i hope. :rolleyes: thanks for the input as i was pretty much planning on doing a couple of oil changes after rebuild but will drop the pan also to insure a clear pickup.
I have replaced my share of head gaskets and I would strongly advise you drop your oil pan. I have found that with the composite gasket, you will get chunks of graphite gasket material in the pan. If the coolant didn't wipe out your bearings, Oil starvation will when this junk collects around the oil pickup.

The pan comes off easy without fooling with engine mounts. Just drop your exhaust crossover and take the pan bolts off. Its that easy. Inspect your bearings, if they look OK then you can take a couple cans of brake clean and douche the valley area clean, install the oil pan, and bolt the heads back on.

Pull the cam sensor and prime the engine before you bolt the intake back on.

head gasket

Will do on the oil pan and oil pickup, last question i have a stock gm rebuild kit from gm and i was going to use that headgasket on my car but a local builder recommends using the cometic gaskets on my car and i have also been told about the SCE copper setup. My question per my build up in my sig etc. which one is going to work the best/be the best choice for me on my replacement of the headgaskets? I only want to do this with what is going to be best for my car running about 18-22psi on the street and possibly 25-28 at the track with alky thanks.