Christian Kustomz/John Liquefatto (Westminster, MD) WORST PLACE EVER!!!

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John Liquefatto, owner of Christian Kustomz in Westminster, MD was a member on this site till he was banned by an admin. Unfortunately I was a victim to him and I believe this review may help others avoid making the same mistake as me.

I'm a premium member with 100% positive trader rating on My profile can be viewed here --->

I registered over here on TB to spread the word and research this guy. John has threatened legal action against our forum ( for the negative review I left and had his attorney contact the Admin's of our site. The Admin's removed the thread, told me to re-write it and avoid bashing him. The thread was re-written, posted, and locked by an admin because our members continued to bash him. The zilvia thread is located here -->

2/20/2012 I drove to Westminster, MD to meet with John about purchasing a 1993 Nissan 240SX. I inspected the vehicle and test drove it at this time. When I test drove the vehicle it was 100% mechanically perfect. There were no misfires, vibrations, hesitation, grinds, or clutch slip. John agreed to deliver the vehicle to York, PA within 1-3 days if I was to purchase it. We agreed on a price of $3700. This is a picture of John Liquefatto (Owner of Christian Kustomz) standing next to the car I purchased.

Copy of the invoice showing the date of sale and that it was paid in full...

2/21/2012 I spoke with John and he informed me that the clutch started slipping and that there was now an overheating issue. I expressed concern over this because the clutch was NOT slipping during the test drive nor was there an overheating issue. John offered to replace the water pump free of charge, and install a new OEM clutch and resurfaced flywheel.

I asked if it would be OK to purchase my own clutch for the install if I paid out of pocket for ALL costs of the parts. John agreed to this and suggested I buy a SPEC Clutch. I decided to order a White Bunny clutch kit from Enjuku. The reason I did this is because the work is willing to be performed to fix the issues described, and most importantly it would be faster then waiting on John to collect parts and have them machined. I placed the order and had the parts shipped directly to Christian Kustomz.

I received a text message from John several hours later and he changed his mind about the clutch. He decided he wanted to charge me extra for installing my parts on the car. This is our conversation...




On 2/27/2012 John filed a Peace Order against me stopping all contact between us. In his documents he requests that I be required to remove my review from On another note I would like to add that I have never harassed this guy or anything of the sort. Never made a threat to him or anything. He should be charged for falsifying information to authorities in my honest opinion. Regardless, here's a copy of the Peace Order...

I wish I would have searched this idiot before dealing with him. A quick Google search found information on him and his shop. He has been banned from various forums for his poor behavior and inability to follow simple rules. He even leaves reviews on himself, lol. Proof?

Review --->

John using same account selling his "Christian Kustomz" items --->

John has had ALOT of legal issues and it seems that he has problems making it in society judging by all the Peace Orders he has filed. Just do a search on him.. I found 44 results by searching him at the link listed below.


or just look at these pics to get a general idea....

Today is March 19th, 2012 and John still has my $3700 for the vehicle and the $397.99 clutch kit from Enjuku. I have not yet received the car or refund. The clutch kit was delivered and signed for on 2/24/2012. On 2/29 John said that he was still waiting on the OEM flywheel to be resurfaced by the machine shop. Instead of installing the parts he'd rather sit around with his thumb up his ass and be a dickhead.

To summarize, I strongly suggest staying away from this shop so that you don't have a poor experience dealing with this clown. He will take your cash, car, and parts and then file crap against you to keep you away. He will also try to silence any review posted on his shop. Don't fall for the fake Christian image he trys to portray or you'll be a victim too!



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Man you got your stuff together! This same person LIED about me and smeared my name... I would have to agree with your recommendation!
the POS has a good plan. Using the useless to good people POS legal system to protect him self.
Scam you then get an order of protection against you. The guy is not stupid. And needs to be out smarted at his own game.
What about reaching out to others in the same predicament as you and getting together to cover lawyer fees and go after this guy??


You can march up and down the street in front of his business with a properly written sign that your lawyer approves.

My friend did it after getting burned by a local business and a month later the store was losing so much money they paid him off.

You just can't stand there must keep moving and stay on the sidewalk.



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Go to shepardsguide as well to see the add he posted himself as well as putting up good reviews himself. Add some info about him as well as provide links to this and other sites to give the public a good idea of the POS that they're dealing with.:)


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Go to shepardsguide as well to see the add he posted himself as well as putting up good reviews himself. Add some info about him as well as provide links to this and other sites to give the public a good idea of the POS that they're dealing with.:)

link ??? ya I am lazy :rolleyes:


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He must not be that smart considering he said he was filing "Definition of Character" charges even though "Defamation of Character" charges is what he probably meant.

Definition of character charges would probably mean they call you into a court, pull out a dictionary and read you the "Definition" of the word Character.

Sounds like this guy is the real character.


Thanks for all the comments. I went to MD to file theft charges against John on 3/16/2012. On 3/18/2012 I checked the status of the case on and I seen that John filed a criminal case against me for breaking the peace order. I'm guessing that the reason for his complaint is because when I was on the way home there was a comment posted online that the car was not parked outside of his business or home. Either way, here's an update of what's going on with fuck ass....

Here is a picture showing that felony criminal charges were filed against him. John had no idea I was in MD to file a case against him and I'm not even sure he was served papers yet.. I'm sure he'll be someones girlfriend soon enough :D

Here's Johns claim that I violated the peace order.... He might of had reason to believe that I was up to no good when it posted that I was in MD and the post didn't say anything about filing charges against him. If you stole over $4000 from someone and they were in your town, wouldn't you be scared?

I left reviews on this guy everywhere if you haven't noticed yet :) Some of my most successful reviews were the reviews I posted on Craigslist. My Craigslist ad's got alot of attention from the locals and I've had several people contact me and give me stories about how John screwed them over. I found alot of useful information out but I won't share it all, haha... Here's some funny facts though

1. John was working under a pop up tent in his backyard till he was forced to close his shop up, haha...
2. John likes to hire under the table workers and then not pay them because there is no contract for the job.
3. John got his girlfriend/wife pregnant when she was only 16 (maybe 17 but still underage) and John was in his mid 20's.
4. John has pissed some people off so badly that they offered to testify against him without even being asked!
5. John just got off probation in 2004 which is unfortunate because I contacted probation to inform them of his new theft case..

After speaking with 1 of the other victims they decided to join in on the fun without any persuasion from me. Hard to believe but 110% true! They posted a review on John and his shop. This was NOT written by me. I'm not a retard like John and I understand how IP's work and all that fun stuff. This is some more FACTUAL information that I invite him to challenge me on :)

Yes, I included the PostingID just in case he wants to challenge it. There's nothing illegal about making a post like this considering it does NOT mention his name or business name in it. I'm posting about the other user making this just to enlighten the online community that this is an ongoing issue with John and that he has screwed others. Hopefully our other victim will join in on this and explain his story and history with John because I see it helping. I'll send them links to this thread directly after posting it and then it's their choice whether they posts or not.They seem like really good people that got screwed just like me and I'm glad they took the time to contact me. Thank you for your help and you'll stay anonymous till you choose otherwise :)

I'm tired because i just got done working 13 hours (I work stupid 12 hour shifts and had an hour meeting tonight) so I'm headed off to bed at 8:30am.. I'm sure you guys would like to see some more pictures of Mr. Christian Kustomz practicing his religion so I'll close with these and laugh at the comments when I wake up.....

I just wanna say that I, Brent Rudacille take all legal responsibilities dealing with this review thread that is posted by myself. Everything contained in here is 110% accurate and has nothing to do with it.

^I'm posting this in hope that doesn't remove/lock this thread because John will probably be threatening legal action against this site. He threatened and if any admin needs to research this they can contact "RJF" who is the owner of

Good for you! Go get that POS!!! I don't think I would have the "Patience" to go the "Legal" route. I hope you get your money back.


Man im not the best tuner or certified tech but god blessed me with 1/2 a brain and hands and also making me a poor man...i have to do all my own chit..and few good things come out of me doing all my own chit...

1.Dirty hands
2.Wonderful feeling of Learning how to do my own chit... and when asked i can say I built it
3.If something goes wrong i know who to blame...
4.Releases stress but sometimes make more stress o_O
5.Dont have to put up with a POS shop or having to wait wait and wait..

you have patience man!!! my car + my money i would have shoved my glock down his throat and alot of other bad things that pop up in my head..he would have given me my money plus more... im a good guy but DONT F*CK WITH ME. hope it works out for you


John filed a criminal case against me claiming that I broke the peace order agreement. Here's what he wrote...

He says "Brent has posted information from 20 years ago and has people talking about hiring a hitman to kill me & shoot me." LMFAO!!! On my thread over at everyone was adding input and suggesting different routes for me to take... A funny guy suggested that I "hire a hitman" and now John blames me for the post, haha...

He also says "Brent lied and has filed charges against me. He is also trying to cause issues to prevent my visitation with my one daughter."

hahahaha... How am I suppose to know its causing problems for him visiting his daughter? I lied on the charges? I can back up everything I've said. His days are numbered because it looks like he'll be headed to prison where he belongs...

"He has deliberately messed w/ my customers and convinced a few to take their business elsewhere" Good! I'm glad people are realizing what type of person they are dealing with. I have offered numerous times to remove all posts and remove all my complaints if he would simply return my money or complete the work that we agreed upon. I hope many more will find this review useful and it forces him to close his doors...

John has also responded to the Maryland Better Business Bureau. Below is a copy of what he sent to them...

If you notice he says it himself that the car was suppose to be delivered within 2 days. It's now been 32 days and still no car. SCAMMER/THIEF ALERT!! John has also threatened legal action against again for the posts made and the complaint.


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Guy has the $$$$ and the car.. Sorry I wouldn't be just talking about this.. Its been goin on to long now. Praise the Lord... God Bless
I thought it was "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition".......least that's what my grandmother always said.........


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I wonder if this clown has eyes in the back of his head. Id be afraid to go anywhere in fear of getting the chit kicked out of me by 40 pissed off individuals that got screwed out of $. What a piece of chit you are John Liquefatto. You little bitch.


Fruitier than a box of fruit loops:D

You don't have to worry I ain't deleting chit....

I know how cracked this guy is....
Thanks for the support and allowing me to post here. I can't believe Zilvia shut me down.

We're not responsible for content. Go nuts, dude.. we dont bow to people demanding removals here.
Thanks alot :) I found case law that protects the site if your interested in it at all... I'm perfectly within the legal limits :)


Today I received this email...

Good Morning Mr. Rudacille,

This letter is in regards to John Liquefatto. Mr. Liquefatto has retained
us to help deliver the car you have purchased from him. Our offices have
previously called you at the phone number of 717-885-649, but there was no
answer and your voice mailbox had not been set up yet. We like to know
how you would like the car delivered to you. Please let us know, via
writing, within the next 10 days or we will consider your non-response as
acquiescence of denying delivery of your car.

Thank You,

The Gardner Law Group

I responded with this...

The Gardner Law Group,

1. John Liquefatto breached our contract as defined under MD law Section 22-701 when he failed to deliver the car within 2 days.

2. John Liquefatto has caused me stress, loss of sleep, loss of appetite, financial distress, and has caused me to miss work.

3. John Liquefatto has filed a Peace Order against me on 2/27/2012 which has stopped all contact between us when there were absolutely no threats of violence or physical harm made against him.

4. John filed a Violation of this Peace Order against me on 3/21/2012 requesting jail time for breaching this Peace Order which is a false claim.
If I was to accept the vehicle then the theft case against John Liquefatto would become moot and that is exactly what I see this attempt being made as. John has made no attempt to contact me regarding pick up, he has not made an attempt to deliver, and he has concealed my property from me while hiding behind his "Peace Order." This is the first attempt anyone has made to delivery the car to me. I can assure you that when this matter comes in front of the court I will be summoning several character witnesses that have had poor experiences dealing with John Liquefatto and his business Christian Kustomz.
I will not accept delivery of the vehicle at this time and I will continue to share my experience with the online community. If you would like to come to an agreement with this situation I will be more then happy to communicate with you till it has been resolved. I am very open minded to any ideas you may have but until a written agreement has been made, then I feel this is an issue that needs discussed in court.

I can be reached at (REMOVED TO AVOID SPAM) Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

Brent Rudacille
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