Congrats Harold

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Nov 25, 2002

The Beast from the East is finally home in SoCal

What a beautiful car

Mad props to GNBrett, Otto, Don Cruz & everyone else that had a hand in making that car what is is today

First class construction, the engine bay alone is a work of art

And whats up with the rear tires?

325 Wide ET Streets. I didn't know they even made them that wide

Thank god for the mini-tubs in back

Hopefully Harold will spend considerable time learning this car before he ventures to a local track.

I can see him now, ******* his pants, detatching his retinas, snapping his neck, and having his lips wrap around the head rests the first time he experiences 28 lbs of boost in this

Congrats again

Great to see Mr. Jeff today also




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beautiful car!

saw that on the 4 sale side,
you have the knowledge to maintain it, so it should be very very quick!
good luck with it.

figured you would get another TB, LOL

Too bad you post here about it though...
Bad azz car, worth every penny. My brother and I were drooling over that car last week in the cars for sale forum, lol.

Hope to see it in person one of these days. Maybe at Bates next year?;):D

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But, is it elevens capable?

That might be the most bad a$$ street TB on the West Coast. You had better keep that sled in a garage.


Mike Barnard
Very nice car Harold, congrats and welcome back. Hope to see it in due time, the car is def. an work of art and worth every cent you paid for it. Do you plan on racing it, or show and go with the occasional street stomping? :cool:
Congrats harold. He was a joy to deal with. I wish every sale of mine went that smooth. Now turn that boost up!;)
Congratulations, Harold. Beautiful car. Looking forward to seeing it on one of the cruises.
Harold called me out last week. I told him that he needed to run the chicken first. He then mumbled somthing about that Ralph was on his hit list too.:eek:

More pics?

Of the car, not of Kevold.;)

Mike B.
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