Do you guys keep a loaded gun near when you go to sleep?

It's all fun and games until she is an ex waiting at your house for you with a loaded gun!

U HEARD ABOUT THE GUY WHO SHOOT HIM SELFT BY YOUR BLOCK? sorry the caps lock was on didnt noticed...lazzy to go and erease...
Absolutely, loaded s&w 642 under the bed, enough to provide cover while i dash for the closet for the mossberg "persuader"... I live alone and no kids, and house is alarmed like ft knox with video surveillance to my phone. I work too hard so i can have nice stuff, junkies beware!
Loaded Beretta PX4 storm sub compact sitting right by my nightstand, Loaded mossburg 870, My two sons have loaded 22's (loaded clips not in the gun) under their beds for added saftey.

If my Brazilian Mastiff & boxer don't deter the person entering my house either of us will get them... We all go to the shooting range quite often and my youngest son (13) can group his 22 in a 1/2" in the center of the bullseye at 25yrds.
.45 1911 on the fride loaded now i got an AR/15 i keep the clip on the fridge an the gun close
I have two grand-sons that just about live here, but I started teaching them early about guns and handling them, just like my dad taught me and my brother when growing up. I keep mine loaded on the bed rail between the mattress and the rail where it is hidden from view by the sheets/blanket, so I only have to reach 6" to the side of the bed for the loaded .45 1911.
The 38 spl. S&W is ready to mess up some ones day! If that dont work got the single shot 12ga. for back up along with all the rest!
Yep, Remington 870 Tactical is underneath the bed loaded.

AR15 is in the backroom ready to go.

Multiple within reach just in case the situation escalates... Biggest issue if something ever happened would be picking the right gun. "Hmmm... is this a hangdun, shotgun, or rifle situation?" ;)
I'm 1 of over 1,000,000 in Florida licensed to carry - Glock 26, 1 in chamber & extra magazines, BUG is a made in Germany Luger, 12 ga #4 buck in the house.
one, ha! the following are always locked an loaded , HK usp-, Sig 228- sig 232- IWI-desert eagle 40cal,- FN-5.7 , Kimber tle/RLII 45 acp, with surefre. and lets not talk about the 6 rifles :)
yeah I sleep better this way :D
My glock. My favorite gun for home defense No safety's and it shoots every time

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