Do you guys keep a loaded gun near when you go to sleep?

1911 on the night stand for me,AK around the corner with 30 rd mag. If that ain't enough got the M1 Garand within reach

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HK usp compact , A/R 15 tactical good to go, just in case :)

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Condition 3 G21 .45 - either of my small children is FAR from being able to manipulate the action. Condition 3 Kalashnikov, same story. Other items also just in case we wake up in the process of being murdered in bed with an attacker in too close of proximity for either of us to get to a firearm, chamber it, and shoot.

Before kids it was condition 2 on the firearms. When they are bigger and have their sketchy little friends over it will be full lockdown till they are asleep, and again when they wake up.

When the kids leave I'll be old and likely condition 2/1 depending on platform :)

The key with most children (not all are the same) is to train them and take them shooting to remove the "mystery" so they have no reason to ever want to see or play with your secured firearms out of boredom or curiosity. Make sure they know that every gun is ALWAYS loaded so they treat it as such. This covers you when they are around 99.9999% of the time, but you always have to be extra vigilant if they have friends over.

And yep - I believe a good dog to trump any alarm system.
rem 870 loaded but not in the chamber about 3 feet away and a 1911 loaded mag but again not one in the chamber under my pillow.
PX4 and Austin Powers penis pump next to the Viagra.:D

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Somebody gettin funny with the edit button. Its not Austin powers..,its the MacGuyver version using only a paperclip and some duct tape.

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I live in a very small and safe town, so personally I don't feel the need to. I keep a loaded clip in my nightstand, but my pistol is in a case in my closet on the top shelf. If I need to get to it, I can do so pretty quickly. I'm planning on getting a finger safe for it, so I can access it faster if need be.
After a couple shootings in the neighborhood I started to. Unfortunately my ex new this and came to my house the other day and took it :eek:. I didn't realize until yesterday when my brother told me she was in my room on Sunday. I called the police and made a report. I then told her brother she took it, and it was waiting for me outside my back door when I went to go to work today. So, am I stupid for keeping a loaded gun in my house not locked up?
First let me say I live in IL, the Dems' do not want us to have gun's and do what ever they can to stop us! That being said we don't tell them we have them!!!!!!!!!! So cannot call police as they are throwaway's! if you understand what i mean.
I was 12 yrs old when I got my JC whitney 12 guage, still have it and many others, all loaded and close! I'm now 69, ex VIET NAM and I know how to use them. IF you come into my house I will do what ever possible to KILL YOU, very simple! I will worry about throw away then if needed. Here in IL it'll probably be someone who look's like they could be Obama's Son, Thats a quote from our Prez! And maybe in my lifetime the law will allow me to own and carry one like many of you other American People, hmmm I hope I live that long.
If that had happened here the dog owner would be sued for damages for having a "dangerous" dog.:rolleyes:
Keep this on my night stand has a bright ass strobe light on it

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