Does your 200-4R bark the tires on the 1-2 shift?

yellow fever

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Feb 15, 2009
I have a level 3 (450+ HP) Art Carr 200-4R from California Performance Transmissions. It replaced the TH-400 in my 74 454 Stingray (approx. 375 RWHP and torque). Around town manners are good but it does not bark the tires on the 1-2 upshift at WOT like my old TH-400 with a shift kit did.

TV cable is a braided Lokar which I believe is set correctly (no play in cable with throttle all the way open). My first plan is to upgrade to a BTO TV made EZ cable and bracket however, just to make sure.

1-2 shifts are crisp at part throttle, but just not like the 400 at WOT. I want my 1-2 bark back! Any thoughts? Thanks!
Are you running the same tires?

I used to have a nice 1-2 bark before I put on the MT Drag Radials. Even if they are breaking loose, I wouldn't be able to hear it.
My Hofer 200 doesn't bark 1-2 so much as it tries to convert pavement to an icy like substance. Then it barks 2-3 for about 2 feet with the BF's on.

With the MT Sportsmans, it still barks on the street, just not the 2-3 shift.
With street tires mine never really barked the tires - it was more like baking the tires. With M/T and the right surface they would bark the 1-2 shift.
I don't think "barking" adequately describes what mine does at WOT.


But at about 1/4 throttle? Sure.
And putting the car sideways after it breaks loose and beating him basically while drifting,is quite addicting!
this is just confirming my tranny isn't holding my current power level. LOL
At lower boost, it bakes tires on the second shift nicely.
Mine shifts so hard it does my taxes and makes change out of the dollar bills in my pocket.

I'm reachin'!
No bark but the shift occurs in under .07 seconds based on the data logs.
There must be something wrong with my tranny, because on street tires, the rear's break loose on the 2-3 shift.
lol. mine barks the 1-2 on street tires. now don wang barks the 2/3 on slicks :eek:
Are you guys that are barking and roasting the tires in stock GN's with just simple bolt ons?

My 87 has 235 tires and if I am WOT on the shift it barks/ breaks loose but otherwise it doesn't chirp them. Certainly not with the ease I am hearing in this thread :-(

I only have basic bolt ons - cold air, ATR exhaust/DP. Stock everything else.

I wish I could roast/bark more than I do.